Sally the Jack Russell

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Sally is happily rehomed

progress update: 07/08/2016

Hi Helen I’m long overdue with an update on Sally.
She has been with us for over 8 years now and will be 11 at Christmas.
She is just the best dog ever and I still look at her sometimes even after all this time and can’t believe she’s ours!
She’s such a loyal little dog who always gives us such a lovely welcome even if we’ve literally just popped out to the car to get something!
She still loves her walks especially the beach ones and has lots of great holidays with us in Devon and Dorset.
Her favourite place of all is Weymouth because every time we have to take her to the toilet she gets to play on the sand!
She does spend more time sleeping now {as the photos show} but in between has lots of energy.
She still manages to leap onto all the beds no problem!
We all love her so much- the best dog in the universe!
Best wishes, Marion.

progress update: 6/6/12

Dear Helen, I’ve been here for 4 years now and as you can see I can now use a laptop.
I’m very clever but it does tire me out and there’s no better place for a little nap than on sheets that have just come out of the tumble drier hee hee!
I do like it here. I’m allowed to sleep on the big beds upstairs because I’m only small and very much loved!
I’ve got my dad wrapped round my little claw-he even stands in the garden on a wet or snowy day to keep me company whilst I do my business!
I had some presents the other day for my 4th anniversay AND I went out for a ploughman’s lunch with mum and dad!
Lots of love Sally.xx

progress update: June 2010

Well, Sally’s been with us for 2 years now and we can’t remember what it was like before!
She’s so lovable and affectionate and makes us laugh with her funny antics.
She loves the beach when its cooler and quieter and enjoys a leading-rein swim in the river at Iford or Tucton.
She gets loads of love and attention from us 3 and gives it back 100 fold.
We do spoil her but only in a nice way-shes definitely worth it!
As her birthday is so near xmas she has an official anniversary party including parcels and her favourite food at this time of year to celebrate her coming to live with us.
Hope you like the pics.

Best wishes,Marion,Paul and Brad Biddle.

progress update: 14th June 2008

“Just to update you on Sally.

She has settled in brilliantly with the 3 of us –

very loving and affectionate and never happier than
when she’s in our arms or on our laps!

First training class next week.

We feel very lucky to have such a lovely little dog – thank you!
Here are some photos of her at home – she loves to sit in our flower
bed if it’s sunny!”

Best wishes Marion,Paul and Brad .

progress update June 3rd : Sally has gone to her new home today !

an update on Sally from Claire:

Sally and Alex

Sally went off the lead today and as long as she has a stick to retrieve is quite happy.

She loves to be chased in circles!

I took this one yesterday as Sally swam out with the intention of catching a duck.

She forgot she was still on the lead!

It cooled her down a bit after our walk turned out to be surprisingly warm.

She tried again today but the ducks definately have the advantage with those webbed feet and no lead!

Sally is 2 years old .

She has come from a home where she was very much loved but unfortunately
the couple who had her were getting on in years and not in great health.

She is good with other dogs but NOT cats!

She spent the weekend with Claire and below is Claire’s write up of Sally’s weekend.

We had a reasonable walk today (out for 2hrs including a quick coffee at the Castle tearooms) and she hasn’t had a nap for long so she might settle down.

Yesterday’s walk round Hengistbury Head tired her out completely for the afternoon but she still asked for another walk in the evening, even if it was just so she could bark at the swans!

If you think that you may be able to provide

a good home for Sally

please contact Helen
on 01202 380467

for more details!