Updated October 22, 2010 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Sam has now been rehomed !!

This is Sam.
He is a 3 year old Border terrier cross Jackie.
He is a dear little dog, very bright and quick to learn.
100% with kids and other dogs, even if they have a pop he doesn’t retaliate.
He has been castrated, micro chipped and his jabs etc are up to date.

In his previous house, he hardly ever went for a walk.
He would pee around the house, escape from the garden so often he wasn’t allowed out unless on a lead, and bark almost constantly.
He was hit and kicked fairly regularly.

So far I haven’t had any pee, he goes in the garden whenever he feels like it as the back door is always open, and he has learnt the word ‘quiet’ when he does bark.
I have also taught him ‘sit’, ‘down’, and ‘wait’.
I think he’d be really good at agility.
He is walked daily on the Rec and I have had no real trouble with him at all.
He does chase off after other dogs, but he always comes back when called.

I think all he needs is some stability, some boundaries and lots of affection, he will make someone a cracking dog.
He’s really good fun.