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Sam has now found a home !!

progress update: 20/9/11

Sam went to his new home on Sunday.
He has waited very patiently for his forever home to come along and we have heard that he has settled in really well.

progress update from Sam’s fosterers Jane and Ozzie: 6/9/11


Thought it was time for an update on Sam who is desperately looking for his forever home.
Sam has been fostering with us now for two weeks.
Prior to that he was fostering with Tracy who had Sam when he first arrived from Ireland.
Tracy did a fantastic job with him whilst he found his feet and by the time he came to us, he really settled down to family life very quickly.
All Sam wants is a comfy bed and lots and lots of cuddles! He will curl up on anything!
The photo is of Sam lying on the dust sheets whilst we were decorating!
We have even found him curled up on top of the laundry basket!
The other photo is of Sam at the Dawgdog Show.
He loves his crate and will happily lie in there with the door open.

Sam is being neutered next week. He needs a little work on his lead as he does tend to pull but this can be sorted.
Sam absolutely loves children, his tail goes into overdrive when he sees or hears youngsters.
He is clean and settles after his walk. This handsome boy will be a fantastic addition to any household.
Please consider giving Sam a home. Jane and Ozzie x

progress update from Sam’s fosterers Jane and Ozzie:30/8/11

This is Sam who is looking for a home.
He has been at the rescue for quite a while now and we cannot understand why.
As you can see from the photos, he loved Anna, my friends 10 year old daughter who popped round this morning.
Anna wanted to keep him but his Mum said no as they already have Jack and Bailey who is a Dawgdog.
He loves a cuddle, is clean in the house, friendly with people and other dogs.
This boy will make a lovely family dog

progress update: 29/7/11
Sam has been with us for a few weeks now.
He is a challenge being an intelligent dog and has a zest for life.
He will need some training as he is always on the go so no couch potato home for him !!
He is Collie size and I thought that I should mention this as some people that phoned in have said that from the photo he looks larger.

progress update from his foster home with Tracy:
Hi Helen,
Sam is settling in well. He has become best mates with my 7yr old grandson.
He is nervous but nothing that won’t go away with trust.
Pulls on the lead, again nothing that can’t be sorted.
He can run like the wind this boy, so no letting off the lead yet until he has learned better recall.
Sam doesn’t know how to sit but is gradually learning, these things take time.
Good with my dogs. Sam has lots of love to give, he deserves a new start in life. He will make a wonderful friend.

He is a very handsome dog and loves his cuddles!

Sam has now found a home !!

Comment on August 29th, 2011.

I met Sam at Jane’s, He didn’t seem nervous, so well done Tracy & Jane, he’s clearly coming on nicely. He did jump up for a fuss but like one of my books by a dog rescuer says.. if a rescue dog still has enough faith in people to want to jump up and say hello then surely that’s a good thing!