Sammy (a.k.a Sam) and Jessie

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progress update on Jessie: 17/12/12

Hi Helen,

Was looking at the website the other day and thought it was about time I sent a picture of Jessie now she is all grown up!!!
We are really lucky to have her, she is such an important part of our family and such a wonderful dog, she loves the chaos of our busy lives with lots of children to play with!
Jessie makes other doggy friends very quickly on her walks and likes nothing better than a good chase around, nothing seems to wear her out!! Except perhaps the endless beaches in Cornwall on our yearly holiday!!
Hopefully sometime in the near future we will be looking for a friend for Jessie!! Have signed up for your email notifications, so will keep watching the website!!
Best Wishes

Rob, Becci, RJ, Ellie, Alfie, Esther & Jessie x

Sam and Jessie have now both found homes !!

progress update on Sammy: 13/8/11

Hi Helen,
Sammy has settled in really well.
He has filled out and shot up, quite big for a nine month old.
He is doing really well with obedience, although suffers with occasional selective hearing.

He’s retrieved one of the children’s old toy bowling balls from the bottom of the garden, makes a rattling noise when rolled, and it is now his favourite toy.
He loves his bubble machine and insists it goes on everyday, costing us a small fortune in batteries.

He has been away to model shows with us and loves the caravan, particularly our bed, which is now off limits as he has his own.

I have enclosed some photos for you.



progress update on Sammy: 12/3/11

progress update on Sammy: 12/3/11

Hi Helen and all at DAWG dogs,

Here is an update on our much loved “Sammy” (Sam) who we adopted from DAWG dogs in February.
He is such a beautiful boy with bags of character, mad as a hatter and very much loved by every member of our family. We cant imagine life without him. He is very easy to train as he cottons on to commands very quickly. He is almost totally housebroken, I say almost because we still have the occasional excitable accident. His favourite game is tug of war, but we have to make sure that it is us that wins in the end and not him (important aspect of training).
He loves to fall asleep in the sun, so much so that we have had to open up the conservatory especially for him.
Sammy loves running round the garden in search for new rabbit holes. Since having him we have not seen any trace of next doors cat( digging up my flowers) or the local herons (eating our fish) well done Sammy.

A very big thank you to you Helen and your team, keep up the good work.


progress update on Jessie: 17/2/11

Hi Helen,

We wanted to say a big thank-you!! Jessie came home with us yesterday & it feels like she’s always been here. She is such a sweet natured little girl. Full of beans, our children are so excited they can’t believe their luck. Jessie slept right through the night in her cage and is doing her business in the garden, (bar one or two expected mishaps.) Have attached a couple of pictures for you, exhausted after a hard days’ playing with her new chums!!!!

Thank you so much.

Rob & Becci

Hi Helen,

Sam (tan and white) and Jessie (tri colour ) have been with us a few days now and settling in well with Dawgdogs Jack and Izzie.
Sam and Jessie were dumped on the side of a road two days before Christmas in the freezing snow and ice .!!!
A kind gentleman driving down the road at the time and swerved and overturned his car to miss the puppies ,Thank goodness the man was unhurt and picked up the puppies and took them to the rescue .
Sam and Jessie are such cuties they are learning to do there business outside and they sleep all night.
Sam and Jessie have had there first trip to Pets at Home in branksome and they loved getting a treat for being so good.
They are very loving and are a joy to have.
(And a very big Thank you to that wonderful man who saved them )

best wishes

Kevin and nicky ,Jack and Izzie xxxx.