Simba (a.k.a Timber)

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Simba has now found a permanent home with his long-term fosterers !!

progress update: 10th Nov 09

Simba will be starting his course of operations very soon

progress update: 2nd Sep 09




progress update: 21st Aug 09


progress update: 15th Aug 09


progress update: 13th Aug 09


progress update: 4th Aug 09

Simba has a nasty skin scar which hasn’t healed properly
after he was knocked down by a car two years ago.
This started to bleed after he came into the rescue and he was seen by Kasey’s vet
Mr Spencer of Spring Corner Vets who specialises in skin reconstruction.
Even though some of the wound has healed this skin is tight and without surgery will not heal completely.
Mr Spencer is interested in this type of work and has kindly agreed to do the operations at a reduced price,
but this will still run into several hundred pounds depending on how many operations are needed.

We are starting a Simba appeal to help with the costs of this treatment
and if you would like to contribute this can be done via Paypal or by contacting the Rescue.

We have so far raised £83.53 towards Simba’s skin reconstruction which is to start
in October after his holiday in Wales with his foster Mum and Dad and canine friend Buddy.

Hi Helen

You don’t know me but my name is also Helen and I am the previous
owner of the golden labrador that you received at the weekend – you
are calling him Samba but his name is actually Simba (out of the
Disney film The Lion King!!) so hopefully that can be changed. I am
following his progress on the website and just want to congratulate
you and all your staff for the hard work you do.

I thought it would be nice if I sent you this just to give you some
history on Simba, i’m not sure how much you have been told so I will
start at the beginning.

Simba has been with us since he was 12 weeks old, he is now 4 years
old. He was bought from a farmer on the outskirts of a town called
Ardfert in Co. Kerry which is in the South West of Ireland. When we
first brought him home he was quite nervous but he soon settled into
the routine in our house.

Simba is a very quiet dog with no badness in him at all. He is also
very loving and likes nothing better than getting lots of kisses and
cuddles. Simba also loves sitting on his special arm chair in the
sitting room and could stay there for hours, he would be so quiet you
wouldn’t even know he was there!! We have had other labradors in the
past and he loves being with other dogs and running after a ball in
the garden. He has never been around cats or very young children (any
child from about 8 or 9 up would be fine) and I probably wouldn’t
advise this just because he wouldn’t be used to it. He loves going for
walks and can tend to pull on the lead for the first few minutes but
is fine once he is walking for a while.

As you have already noticed Simba has an extremely sore looking cut on
the side of his back. This is from when he was knocked over by a car
about 2 1/2 years ago. He escaped from the garden one winters evening
and travelled down through the fields onto the main road and ran out
inbetween two parked cars. The lady that hit him got such a fright
that she forgot to turn off the car and Simba was caught underneath
the exhaust pipe, obviously the pipe was red hot and he was severely
burned. We took him back to the vets 3 or 4 times in the first week as
more and more of his fur and skin started peeling off and over the
next few months we kept what I call a lamp shade on him to stop him
from licking it but it hasn’t really healed much since. I again had
him at the vets a few weeks ago and asked the vet about it again and
he advised us not to do anything with it for the simple reason that
Simba isn’t in any pain with it, he does tend to lick it every now and
then but thats what dogs do they lick their wounds. I really hope that
this doesn’t put people off giving Simba a new home, I know it looks
awful but it really looks at lot worse than it is. As I say he is not
in any pain from it and it doesn’t prevent him from doing anything any
other dog would do.

I am so heartbroken at having to give him away and really hope that
some kind, loving family will be able to see what we had seen in him
and give him his forever home.

As sad as I have found this whole experience I have learned something
and that is that there are so many dogs in rescue centres like yours
who do need loving homes and if in years to come I ever decide that I
am going to get another dog I am going to go to the dog pounds and the
rescue centres rather than going to a breeder as I now feel that these
dogs need a chance too.

I would really appreciate it if when Simba does find a new home if you
could contact me just to let me know how he is getting on. I hope the
information I have provided is of help to you. I would like to finish
by saying thank you to everyone there, I really admire all the hard
work and commitment you put into what you do and i’m sure there are
many happy dogs and families out there to prove that it is all worth

Thank You Again