Updated January 19, 2010 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Scooby has now found a home !!!

progress update from Claire:

Scooby seems like a timid little thing at the moment.
He’s quite underweight and boney but he eats well and has such an appetite that I don’t think it will be long before he puts some weight on.
He needed a bath when he arrived but there was no way he was going to let me dry him with a towel afterwards. I think that tested the last of his patience, so I let him be with a bed full of towels to get him dry.
He shakes a little bit when he’s nervous and sometimes shows his teeth or grumbles. He was very wary of me yesterday but I could tell he was desperate for a cuddle. He briefly rested his head on my leg then scuttled off to his bed.
He’s decided I’m not so bad this morning and let me give him a good stroke after he’d wiped his breakfasty face in my trousers.
He’s all silky now he’s clean. That must feel better! He certainly smells nicer.
He nudges my hand for more stroking when I stop. I think he’s going to be quite a cuddly boy when he’s ready. Like Harry he’s probably going to sleep alot over the next few days while he builds up his self esteem & confidence around us and sleeps off his stress. He’s snoozing now!
I think his face looks a bit like a Chihuahua but don’t worry I’m not going to carry him around in my handbag!