Updated November 26, 2015 Categories: dogs, progress updates.

Shadow has now found a home !!

progress update: 26/11/2015

Shadow is loving her new home, doting mum, an acre of garden and the forest on her door step.
Her new friends are Becca and Charlie a pair of beagles of the same vintage – will post pix if they ever stay still long enough.

progress update: 08/11/2015

This little lady arrived in to our home last Saturday and is an absolute star.
Apart from being very pretty, she is friendly, great with other dogs, brilliant off the lead, amazing recall, clean and quiet at night, happy to be left, good in the car and above all has a lot of love to give.
Shadow is a slightly older lady, 11 years young, but you would never think so.
She gives her foster brother Taylor, who is roughly half her age, a good run around.
She is fairly strong on the lead for the initial part of her walk but probably a little harness would sort this out.
Unfortunately no cats here so don’t know what she is like.
She is a small/medium sized crossbreed.
Shadow will make a fantastic companion for both humans and dogs.

Shadow has just arrived at the Rescue and will be looking for a home.
More details to follow once she has settled in to her foster home with DAWGdog Taylor