Updated November 14, 2015 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Teddy has found a home !!

Teddy has been with us for a week now and has shown to be a happy, friendly and tolerant dog.
When he gets too close to our grumpy Oscar and Oscar has a snap at him he just runs away and comes to look for reassurance, a quick stroke and a kind word are usually enough to reassure him and he settles down.

For the few times I had him off the lead his recall call was fine.
When I arrive home he is so excited he almost jumps up into my arms.
And boy can he jump, he can get over a tall stairgate!!

He is fine with our dog friendly cat, I even had both of them waiting on the bottom stair for me when I opened the front door.
(He had jumped the stairgate).
He will chase her when she is on the floor but she just jumps out of his reach and she is certainly not frightened of him.

Teddy has just been castrated which has put paid to his jumping for a while.

All in all a super little dog and a pleasure to foster.

Teddy arrived in as a stray and not claimed.
He is approx three years old, gets on brilliantly with other dogs,
is good off the lead and taking his orders from the cat who rules the roost in the foster home he is staying in.