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progress update: 21/8/12

Hi Helen

I know how busy you are but thought you might like a look a something different!

Spock and I are still ok – both of us are ‘hobbling’ more due to arthritis and Spock sleeps quite a lot now but always appears for food and walkies!!
I think he is doing very well for his age. We see Michele and Jack quite a lot but Spock is to old to play with Jack now but they love walking together – Jack in the lead with Michele.

How is Mutley now – I do look on your web site for updates to his diary. You are still doing amazing work and so glad you are their to rescue all those ‘mutts’. We may meet again sometime if you are this
way and you can see the old boy.

Have enclose a few pictures – one has Coco (my friends Choc lab) – Spock (the small one in the middle) and Jack – Coco lived with me for 7 months while my friend was having treatment for leukemia and Michele
and Jack were with us too for 3 months – all dogs got on really well but Coco and Jack are the same age so played and Spock acted as referee !!!

Kindest regards