Tzanna (a.k.a Tanner)

Updated July 19, 2015 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 14/7/15

Well done to DAWG dogs Tzanna and Jack (Re-homed) for passing their Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold award tonight.

Tanner has now found a home !!

progress update: 29/6/12

Hi Helen
Tzanna is very settled now & seems to be starting to understand some
of his training at the Friendly dog club! This Picture he is on his
favourite bed where that goes he goes!. He & charlie our greyhound are
getting on better she will play with him a little bit when she is in
the mood!

They have been into Kennels together several times Charlie was rehomed
to us from them & they get preferential treatment, they spend time
outdoors with one of their very old retired greyhounds in the field &
Lie together on his blanket.

Rose & Dave Newill

progress update: 14/2/12

Dear Helen

Just to let you know Tanner is now tzanna (zanna), he is so loving & wants to be loved.
Our little greyhound bitch Charley is not sure why he hasnt gone home yet!!, but they are gradually sorting themselves out.
We are feeding them 3 x a day to try to put weight on him, we started him on Chappie dry which we can buy loose & are changing him onto Burgess working greyhound same as Charley & his motions are good & getting better.
He will have his booster next week.

Best wishes

Rosemary & David

progress update: 28/1/12

Tanner has been with us for a week now and I honestly can’t fault him!
He is great with dogs, people, children, fab on and off the lead.

progress update: 21/1/12

He is back because his family can’t take him into rented accommodation.
He is absolutely lovely, great with everyone, children and other dogs, recall fab.
More photos and details soon

progress update: 17/4/11

Hi Helen here are a few more pictures of Tanner,
as you can see he does his best to stay in the Jacks bed,
but the inevitable always happens and his legs make their escape…..

progress update: 10/1/11

Tanner has been with us for a couple of weeks now and is the sweetest kindist natured little boy, he gets on fine with my 3 other dogs
and loves the company of my children, he often spends the evening on my 8 year old daughters lap with his great gangly legs hanging either
side, he loves to play chase the ball or tug, he is very gentle when playing and will happily give up his toys when asked.

He is doing great with his training and he will sit when hes told and he is now learning to lie down, he is also crate trained, and seems to enjoy having his own space and will often take himself off and go and lie in his crate, he also sleeps in it at night.

Tanner is now fully housetrained and asks to go out if he needs to, his only vice is that he will steal food if given the opportunity, he is much
better than when he first arrived but you have to watch him, he can be little food obsessive but show no food agggression at all.

We love having Tanner around the kids adore him and he will make a wonderful addition to any family, hes a real sweetie.


Tanner has now found a home !!