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Tara has been rehomed

progress update

Tara has really made herself a member of the family. If we aren’t careful we find a large black hot water bottle joins us in bed in the morning!

She and our 15 year old dog, Crackers, are great friends. They curl up together on a bean bag (if there’s room).

She has made lots of new friends in the New Forest: She has met everything from Jack Russells to St Bernards. The ground is now very boggy in places. There are some huge dew ponds. It doesn’t bother Tara. She ploughs through it all. Mind you, she doesn’t like going out in the rain, unless she’s going for a walk!

She had a few social visits to the vet, before she was identichipped. She was particularly popular with the nurse who loves Labradors and the nurse who loves Staffies! Now she can look forward to spaying in April…


progress update: 31st Jan 10

You and Debbie will be pleased to hear that Tara has quickly made herself at home. She was very keen to fit into our routines. She has found her favourite chair and now feels secure enough to stay in it when we are in other rooms.

She has a new, huge bed. Mind you, we found her joining us under the quilt on her first night!

She thinks that Crackers (our small black & tan mongrel) is lovely. As you know, she is in the height of her season, so keeps offering herself to the poor old chap (he’s a neutered 15!).

She also loves our five year old son. She likes to curl up in the chair with him in the evening. They are great friends. She first met him outside the school gates. Another mother was in tears when she saw his delighted reaction.

She has been introduced to walking in the New Forest. She is very keen to get a move on. A walk that used to last 1 hour only took 45 minutes. Extensions to our routes are required! She learns fast. Despite warnings, she walked too close to a New forest Pony. She jumped away as it tried to give her a kick. She now gives them a wide berth.

Thank you for introducing us. She’s a wonderful dog.

Bob & Lisa Fleming

Tara is a labrador sized cross breed about two years old.

She gets on well with other dogs, cats and kids and is an absolute darling who will be very easy to train

beautiful temperament and extremely affectionate

She has been hit by a car in the last six months and has a plate in her front right leg,

but she’s completely recovered and runs around like a looney!