Updated August 20, 2019 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 21/08/2019

Hi Helen, I thought you might like an update on Tarin – he’s still an absolute little love!

progress update: 22/07/2016

A quick update on Tarin a year on: he still doesn’t get tired of playing with other dogs!
He has settled in beautifully and is a real part of the family!

progress update: 20/6/15
Tarin travelled well in the car,
has been for a walk with Zara and is making himself at home
getting all the toys out of the toy box and placing them all in dog beds !

Tarin arrived last week having finished his time as a stray.
Straight away he befriended all of the dogs and made himself at home.
On the weekend he went to Pets at Home to help sell tickets for the Rescue.
Tarin behaved perfectly he loved everyone he met especially the children who stopped to cuddle him.