The Hounds of Bonkersville vs The Great Grimpen Mire

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Last weekend Mark came down to the Rescue to explain why he has been a bit tardy with getting some of the website updates online recently and eat Helen out of house and home see how we were all getting on and continually annoy Helen by constantly asking her why Jackson hasn’t found a home yet.

I always, usually,frequently,  sometimes try to be on my best behaviour when Mark is around because it is a Well-Known Fact that he awards extra Bonios to The Best-Behaved Dog Of The Day. Remarkably Obviously I usually win this much coveted prize because I make sure I behave when Mark is looking Spike and Deflating-Balloon-Dog Jackson can be relied upon to behave far worse than I do!

However this time the Rescue has been playing host to new DAWGdog Seamus who has very quickly gone from being a rather wayward rascal to being an absolute star. I say this myself as we get along great as he neither growls nastily at me everytime there is food around ( cue:- Spike) or constantly yabbers at my face every few seconds ( cue:- Jackson)

So the other day when we all went on a big walk in the New Forest Seamus was let off his lead with us for the first time. Since that part of the Forest looked a lot like Dartmoor, we decided to play Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles. Of course, I was Sherlock Holmes as I’m obviously the cleverest and Seamus was my trusty side-kick Dr Watson:


We had great fun tracking for miles across the Moor, easily outclassing the officers from Scotland Yard ( played by Spike and Balloon Dog Jackson), until we came to The Great Grimpen Mire. Unfortunately, Dr Watson wasn’t quite as on the case as he should have been at this point and  failed to recognise The Great Grimpen Mire until he fell up to his waist in it. Being The Brave Hero of course I immediately leap in to save him. The next bit didn’t go quite as planned – Dr Watson, being a small dog who had partaken of only a light luncheon, climbed out unaided, bearing only muddy trousers for his pains, wheras I ( The Daring Hero ) plunged deep into the mire and vanished under the surface, to surface sometime later covered in most of the very smelly swamp and stuck in thick gloopy quicksand-like mud.

Next thing I know, I’m being unceremoniously hauled out by Mark grabbing my harness without so much as a by-your-leave- Master-Mutley. I immediately showered him with a huge spray of filthy swamp lest he get any funny ideas about who was supposed to be the hero of the day whilst I valiantly tried to regain my dignity.
It wasn’t easy when my wardrobe had gone from dashing Sherlock Holmes attire via Swamp Thing to The Creature from The Black Lagoon in as many minutes:-

Yours Truly starring as The Beast From The Abyss

To top off the indignity we all had to have a bath as soon as we got back!!

Even me!!

Seamus didn’t like having a bath very much but he did like getting towelled off so he hid under my towel whilst I was being dried.

I didn’t like having a bath very much but I did like getting towelled off so I hid under Seamus’s towel whilst he was being dried.

To make up for it all we were both later awarded Best Behaved Dog Of The Day Prizes!

(unlike the next day when No Prizes were awarded because we were all Too Badly Behaved but there is no need nor space to go into all that sorry episode now…!)

Natalie Joy
Comment on December 1st, 2011.

Trust you Mutley to jump into a muddy swamp…funny! I bet is was a hilarious sight to see you shake mud all over Mark..hahaha.
Seamus was trying it on big fella…because you’re such a soft touch.
Obviously the bath paid off because you smelt lovely today :-) and of course looked fabulous darling!
It was pleasure to walk you, Spike, Jackson and Seamus again today even though we did get a bit wet…but the towelling off was a brucie bonus!
Spike was a grumpy boy when I threw the towel over him and he couldnt find his way out from under it! Jackson thought it was funny..but not as much as Helen did! In fact she thought it was an improvement. i beg to differ of course.
Seamus is a very well behaved lil boy and just loves a cuddle! What a cheeky chappie he is.
Look forward to our next walk big fella…
Love to all xx