Tilly Mae

Updated March 7, 2015 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 7/3/2015

Here is the beautiful Tilly Mae (aka Tilly) she got her soubriquet because it was a case of Tilly may do it/Tilly may not!
However, she has been with us 10 months (can’t believe it), there have been times when she has reduced me to tears, she barked at everyone, every dog that she met on a lead, anything that past the gate, in fact she just indulged herself with barking.
But now, her barking is intermittent, she gets a little forgetful of her manners.
Has made so many doggy and human friends, and knows how to wheedle her way round them.
She is as bright as a button, adores Bengy our Pound Puppy, she no longer runs away, coming back when she feels like it.
She does still run, but in circles and if I need to call her she is back before Bengy.
I hope Helen and Yvonne, should you see her again, you will notice how much better her manners are…just don’t play pine cones with her, you’ll regret it!

progress update: 30/09/2014

Tilly Mae update, with her mate Bengy. Totally inseparable.
Tilly is doing very well, just need to stop her barking …..she can be a right gobby little madam!
Now sits in at the back of the car with Bengy. Waits to jump out.
Sits and waits for her food, until she is given the ‘ok’ to go, and eats very nicely.
Lays on her bed whilst I potter in the kitchen.
Now sleeps the whole night through, without using the ploy of going for a wee in the middle of the night just to jump in my warm patch!
Does not eat the postman. Loves little children and is very gentle with them.
She is giving us a lot of pleasure. So happy we chose each other……
Bengy adores her too, they play together for ages, chase madly up and down the hallway,
But best of all, first thing in the morning they greet and kiss…honest

progress update: 04/05/2014

Tilly has now found a home !!

progress update: 25/4/14

Tilly is still waiting patiently for her forever home!
Update from her foster mum Yvonne:

Tilly is a very happy little dog, she loves everybody!
This includes children, adults and other dogs.
She plays happily when out and would settle very well with another dog for a friend.
She has bags of energy and waits for her long walks in the morning and evening.
She was recently spayed which she sailed through. She is not a noisy dog.
She is clean and good at night. Tilly has just started playing with a ball or stick.
She is good in the car. She does pull when on the lead and has to be constantly reminded not to pull but its only her excitement.
Tilly has a little pink bed which she just fits in and curls up happily.
She is a lovely little girl and will fit in well with a family with children or another dog, or anyone who can spend the time and energy with her.
Tilly doesn’t enjoy being on her own, although she doesn’t make a noise when she’s left (So I am told!).

Tilly is a year old Terrier mixture, good with other dogs and a playful girl.
More to follow from her foster Mum once she has settled in.