Pippin ( a.k.a Worzel )

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progress update: 10/03/2015

Dear Helen,
I have been so busy I have not had time to write. After the problem with the obedience class, Susanne finally found somewhere for the agility.It was run by the same people do did the obedience but it was, of course, outside. I enjoyed it big time and so many other dogs to become acquainted with. One day Mrs SHG became acquainted with someone’s car, and she decided not to go again…
Landrover nil damage, 8 month old mini £1500, she said “it was not her finest hour” but I knew she was thinking about other things and did not hear all the noise from the bleepers.
Then they went on holiday and I went to somewhere I really liked for a few weeks, it was so good, I ALMOST wanted to stay, but then I realised the other dogs also had to have fuss and love and with my owners it is just me, me me, who is spoilt. I like that.When I go to sleep my tongue hangs out and that always makes them laugh, and she says “ I do love that dog”. I am glad she does because I have now decided I love them too. It is not yet possible for me to be good all the time but I am thinking about it. People are always saying how much better I am, and what a beautiful coat I have.
She now takes me to agility at Tollard Royal which is quite a long way to go. On Mondays it is a class with other beginners and then on Thursday it is just the two of us. The person who trains us is called Ali so Susanne calls her, Aligility. Mrs SHG asks about my progress which is good, because I so enjoy it, but hers is still not so good. It is a shame she is so hopeless but I know she tries very hard. I have not been there for a couple of weeks because I have had an achy leg. We had to see a man we have met when we have been out, but this time he was wearing a green jacket and pulled my leg. He was very gentle so I just licked him. You remember how much I loved licking people, well I haven’t stopped.
Last week my best pal Buster came to stay for a few nights. I have done a sleepover at his house for one night. In case they had forgotten, I had a bark at 12.0 o clock to remind them I was there, and Buster did the same thing when he came here. He had a new bed and I found it VERY comfortable, and he liked both of my beds.
If you have time please could you tell me where you are going to be, and I may come to see you. Mrs SHG thought you might be able to use a couple of my old beds, she said they are not pristine, but would tide someone over. I would like to see you, to show you how handsome I am now, and to give you some licks as a thank you for letting me go to them.

Love Pippin….a.k.a. Worzel

progress update: 16/06/2014

Dear Aunty Helen,

They have been so, so busy looking after me, I have not had time to send you an E mail. When Ray came to obedience classes I finally got the bronze medal. They booked me into the next session, and then the next but we have not gone yet. Now June 26th seems definite for the silver classes, and I would like another rosette.

There was a delay with the agility classes, but I went last week. Susanne was right and I just loved it, and cannot wait for this Saturday to show Ray what I can do. The tunnel is very scary and I have not yet even put a paw inside. It makes a rustling noise.The dog after me had super treats, I wish I had been brave enough to get them, maybe this week.

A few weeks ago we went to stay with their friends and I was very well behaved and they liked me. As I was good I was taken to a place called Cornwall. They had a cottage and as soon as we arrived I knew it was my sort of place because there was a fish pond and I put my paws in, then the spoilsports stopped me going in any further. It said the garden was dog proof, I did not understand that, so I had a look in a field the other side. It was big, so I came back when Susanne blew her whistle. I do not usually do that, but sometimes I hear when there is nothing else going on. The best thing was going swimming in a big stream, the water was so clean and clear.

They have been away without me, and I was left at someone’s house. I was very lonely, I missed them so much, the doggy sitter did her best. Well, now they have found me another doggy sitter, and I had a day there last week. Her dogs are rescue collies so she understood my needs and insecurities. There was another dog there for the day and we had a fantastic time together, playing. Then they took me home, I was exhausted. This week I am going there for 2 nights, and I am sure I will like it. Susanne says I had better be good this time, she loves me.

I chewed my new bed after two days, so I knew it was mine in case anyone wanted to steal it. She mended it with big threads and said when I was good I would have another new one. It has not happened yet…but on 1/1/14 I no longer had to use my cage, and if you let them know you can have it back to resell or use as you wish. They also said I could come and say hello and thank you for what you did for me. You would not recognize me now.

Please send them an E mail and we can arrange something. Glad New Forest Dogs are sponsoring you in September.

Love Pippin ( a k a Worzel ) and Susanne

progress update: 11/1/14

Dear Aunty Helen,
She kept saying she would send you an E mail and now with all this rain she has finally settled down to do it. When I first met Susanne I thought she was the sort of owner I would like, she seemed caring. Then I met Ray and I liked him to, and he seemed to like me. After they looked after me for the day, and I made loads of new friends, I really wanted to stay with them. I remember turning and looking at them from the doorway and I saw her gulp, I knew I had a chance, and you put in a good word and had told them I seemed much calmer. Please, please have me.
They did come back, and I immediately missed you and all my pals, so I decided to try and get sent back. I was being pretty naughty, the dug up lawn, garden, the carpet incidents, to name but a few, then I heard them talking and saying I was on a months probation. Oh. I thought, what no more 100% attention, long walks, albeit on the lead, someone else trying to eat my food, having to share. More than anything, love whenever I wanted it, which is all the time.
Then she pulled a few favours and got me into dog training right away, and I heard her ask about something called agility classes in the spring. Her other dog used to enjoy those and she knows I will as well. I knew they cared so …….I tried a little bit to be good. It is not easy being good. When she calls me in from the garden I come to the kitchen doors, then I run off, he calls me, then I come.
They really love me, I hope, and I have gradually put on so much weight you cannot feel my ribs, so I can have more fuss. She can only just lift me into the car now. The postman says I have struck gold, but I do not seem to have dug any of that up yet. If I do it will help pay for having the whole of the garden refenced.
Today, someone said how beautiful my coat was, and someone else, how well I walked along the pavement. The dog training is difficult…they had a party, before Christmas, and I came second in the musical mats game. I did not do so well in musical chairs, because I was sent out of the hall onto the naughty stairs, yes, it was again. I have been out there a few times. Well I want to play and bark, it is exciting, so many friends to make.
It was her birthday on 26 November and I was let off the lead for first time. She said it was her best present to see me running freely (and coming back). Since then I have always had walks off the lead. They have taught me few tricks, one of mine is rushing off into the woods with a ball and dropping it there. I have a super time rushing around for ages.
Are you still awake Aunty Helen, Susanne says I must finish and go to bed.  Father Christmas came, left presents, but stole my cage so I have been sleeping on my two beds in the kitchen. They are buying me a new round one to snuggle into which will be good, but it must be washable. Big yawns, licks by the dozen, love aunty Helen thank you for letting them be my owners.
Helen, Pippin is a great, very long legged dog, he still has baggage, and some, but getting better, or is it the joggers/cyclists are getting faster? Sometimes he is really so good I feel quite proud of him, he is very special and loved. I may manage to send a photo in the future, or we may see you at Leigh Common, as it is one of our places. The cage may also be returned to you, depends if he has friends to stay, good luck with your rehouseing etc. take care,


progress update: 2/10/13

Worzel has now found a home !!

progress update: 2/10/13


Worzel – For those of you that don’t know the Collie type this well you will see a photo of Holly and Worzel ( Tri- colour ) just standing next to each other looking tired out from ball throwing but for those of you that have Collies and understand them you will notice Worzel’s pose and that he is in fact herding Holly and is all set for action as soon as she goes for the ball that she is waiting to be thrown.
Worzel spends all his time on ball throwing walks herding Holly which tires him out nicely.
Worzel is a very friendly dog as two girls who were keeping fit down the Rec found out because as soon as they lay on the grass for a breather he threw himself on top of them and covered them with kisses.
Worzel will do fine as a family dog but would also excel in an agility or working trials home.

progress update: 23/9/13



Worzel is a year old Collie fantastic with dogs and people.
He just wants to play with all the dogs he meets unless it is Pippin who is far too rough with him and then Worzel is not keen.
But he takes it in good humour and runs back to me to be saved !!