Titch (a.k.a Little Ted)

Updated November 25, 2010 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 25/11/10

Just wanted to let you know Titch has settled in really well. He’s had no major problems.
We love him to bits already. Slept like a little star next to our bed.
I voiced my concerns to my daughter that he hadn’t had a poo the first day and being the clever little dog he is did it right in front of me as I finished my sentence. Unfortunately on the lounge carpet but hey ho!!
His throat is getting better unfortunately but isn’t barking too much!
He’s had a couple of snaps at Malc but we’re nipping that in the bud.
Tried it on with Maisie dog a couple of times.
No harm in trying your luck but I don’t think he’s cottoned on that he’s midget yet.
Needless to say I’ve got Ceasar Milan on series link on the Sky+ box now, ready for my next daily Titch challenge.

Thanks again.


progress update: 24/11/10

Titch has now been rehomed !!

progress update from Carol : 15/11/10

Titch is a lovely little fellow and is settling in well, he was very nervous when he arrived yesterday, but has grown in confidence already, and now comes up to us for a fuss, instead of running away.

He gets on very well with the other dogs and likes to play with them and run around in the garden.

Titch is a 6-month old Jack Russel