Toby (a.k.a Mr T!)

Updated July 19, 2011 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 19/7/11

Hi Helen,
Toby (aka Mr T.) has been with us 3 months now and is doing great.
He was castrated recently and recovered from this very well, he never even licked or chewed at his stitches once!
He is such a good boy! He has put on weight and toned up with all the running and excercise.
He has settled quickly and I am home with him most of the time.
We have re-vaccinated to enable us to go to dog classes, which will start next month.
He can’t wait to get in the van to go out and play with his ball!!
Toby will soon be a year old, so we are all looking forward to celebrating his day.
I enclose photos of Toby, he has brought us a lot of happiness and joy.

Love From Toby, Sharon, Ian, Scott & Emma xxxx

Hi Helen,
Toby has been with us 2 weeks now and has settled in really well.
He loves his walks in the forest and getting use to the ponies, cows and donkeys.
He has also tried to make friends and play with the ponies in the field behind the house.
He loves playing ball and has learned quickly how to drop the ball, sit, wait and lie down.
He loves demolishing his toys, he makes us laugh when he tosses them around!
Clever boy, very active and has lots of love and cuddles to give.
He is much better at night in his crate/bed and excellent when travelling.
Love from Toby and his new family xx
Regards Sharon.

progress update : 17/4/11

Toby spent a brief 24 hours in his new home and came back.
Not his fault at all the people found they couldn’t cope with a dog.
Toby is a fantastic dog good in the house, with children, cats, horses, livestock and dogs what more could you ask for and excellent off the lead to boot.
When he first came back he barked a little and this is to be expected but soon stopped and settled down and was quiet all night.
He is a first class passenger in the car and didn’t get involved with the the raiding of the food bag by the other dogs when I was driving them to their walk.

Toby is Springer spaniel size, his Dad was a Springer Spaniel and his Mother was a Collie.
He is just 8 months old and anyone who is lucky enough to have this dog and not be pleased with him needs to be sectioned.
Oh and he is clean in the house also perfect dog.

progress update: 23/3/11
Toby has now been with us a few days, and has settled in very well, he is house trained and no problem at night, he sleeps in his crate.

He loves playing with any toy and likes to play ‘find the toy’ and chasing after a ball is his favourite pastime, his recall is excellent and he would be excellent at fly ball and agility.
He has a fantastic temperament and is excellent with our grandchildren, and other dogs,
he is a lovely chap who enjoys lots of walks and cuddles.
Carol and Steve

Toby arrived today, he is a spaniel cross collie, and he is 7 months old,
Mum was a border collie cross and dad a brown Spaniel making him a sprollie
He has settled in very quickly, he has a lovely temperament, is good with children and is having a great time playing with our dogs.

He is a loving little chap with lots of energy, so will need an active new home, he is crate and house trained and is apparently good with cats and has been around horses and cows and is fine.