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progress update: 1/8/12

Hi Helen

Some sad news, Toby passed away today after developing a vigorous form
of cancer that saw him decline considerably in the last two weeks. He
was on his favourite sofa when the time came and is buried in a sunny
spot in the backyard under the window. He gave us 15 years of pleasure
and was a fantastic companion before the kids came along and great
company for them as they grew up.

We shared many adventures not only all around Britain but also since
moving to Australia a few years ago, surfing in the Southern Ocean and
worrying he might become a Great Whites dinner come to mind!
I shall never forget the first time I saw him at your house all those
years ago and I would like to think we gave him a little happiness

Once again a big thank you for bringing Toby to us and keep up the
fantastic work!


Clifton and Belinda and kids.

progress update: 8/4/12

Hi Helen.

Not sure if you remember me, I am Melissa’s brother, Clifton.
I took a rescue dog off you, Toby about 13 years ago.
He was a grey cross terrier.
Anyway, I saw your website the other day and thought I might write in and let you know a bit more about Toby.

We emigrated to Australia in 2006.
There was no way, we were going to leave him behind.
So after much expense, saying good bye and quarantine, he landed here in Adelaide.
6 years later and he is still going strong.
He’s 15 now, a little slower and a lot deafer!
He enjoys a daily stroll oon the nearby beach and often has a swim.
He needs a haircut more often than before, but as you can see, i do it myself.
I believe that the climate here is far better for his arthritis and his general well being, he’s still the Toby from all those years ago at Talbot Woods and over the common, just a bit slower.

I thought you might want to mention him on your site as an example of how a rescue dog can bring so much to a family over many years.

Have attached a few photos of the old dog.

Hope you are well and good luck with everything.