Tommy and Paddy (a.k.a Timmy)

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progress update: 13/12/12

Tommy and Paddy are very well and a couple of pics are attached for you to see them.
They are amazing characters and are so different from each other that it’s hard to believe they are brothers!!
They are loving their walks around here, and we go out for about 2 hours each day.
Paddy has filled out a bit, and they both have become quite muscular with all the exercise.
They are used to traffic now, though it did take a while, and I don’t hesitate to take them through town now at any time of the day to go to walks on the other side of the square.
They love their kongs and I put a bit of cheese in the bottom and stuff a couple of markies in and they have this after their tea.
Everyone loves them in town as they are so easily recognisable and make a handsome pair.
I don’t find their blindness an issue at all, and in fact its amazing how they scamper around like sighted dogs on walks.
All in all a big success!

progress update: 19/8/12

Hi Helen,

A quick note to put your mind at rest.
Timmy and Tommy have settled in amazingly well, and after an aborted attempt to go for a quick walk
on Saturday, we set forth this morning at 8am and had a successful trot up Fleet Street and returned via the back tracks, a real success, and then another longer walk during the day.
They are eating well and are now both sound asleep, Tommy on his back and snoring.
They seem entirely happy, and I am very happy indeed with them.
Thank you so much for all your help.

I’ll send another report later in the week.

Best wishes,


Tommy and Timmy have now found a home together !!

progress update: 27/7/12

Tommy and Timmy are now walked by the Woof Parade children who have been nominated Official Dawgdogs Walkers.
Tommy and Timmy love walking with this gang as they get lots of fuss!

progress update: 21/7/12
Well, what can I say about Tommy and Timmy except they are the perfect dogs.
Blind they may well be and I challenge anyone to know this when they meet them as they run around like sighted dogs.
Today a posse of enchanting children took over the walking of them on Saturday’s weekly Woof Parade which for those of you that don’t know what this is it is a weekly meeting of ex Dawgdogs and non Dawgdogs for a dog extravagance of ball throwing and walk around the heath.
The children loved taking it in turns to walk them as Tommy and Timmy sniffed their way full steam ahead stopping occasionally to roll in fox poo.
I hope that someone will come forward to offer them a home together as I will not part these brothers and anyone who adopts these two will be the
lucky ones but in the meantime I am happy for them to stay here as
long as it takes to find them a deserving home.

A short clip of Timmy and Tommy

A longer clip of Timmy and Tommy

We have discovered that both Tommy and Timmy are blind and can only see a little bit of light.
They get around so well that it was apparent at first.
They are both good with other dogs and enjoy their walks.
We know that a blind dog is not first on anyone’s list when looking for a dog but hope that someone with a generous heart will offer a home to one of them.

progress update: 5/7/12

Timmy and Tommy spent the night quietly and were clean and dry in their crates this morning,
very affectionate little dogs,just a bit bigger than terriers these little Beagles make super companions

Tommy and Timmy are two and a half year old Beagles.
We would love to find them a home together as Tommy is partially sighted but realise it
may not be possible to do this.
They are sweet natured boys and get on well with other dogs.
Pat their foster Mum will send in more updates once they have settled down.

pat and "Bellers"
Comment on July 4th, 2012.

boys and Timmy spent a quiet night in their crate and where clean and dry this am,they travel well together in the car and their harnesses are coupled together for walking and seem to manage very well,they dont pull on the lead x they have such sweet trusting nature and get on well with other dogs