Too much snoring going on

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Good news, my last report seems not to have incurred the wrath of the censor and she let me have my dinner (eventually).
Well I don’t know how but Dogs-About-Town seem to have got the impression that I’m often rather sleepy.
I don’t know how this has happened and I’m determined to put this right.
Lots of photos are
A photo is circulating t’interweb pupporting to show me and Jackson snoring.
#Mark:please put that bally awfully embarrassing pic of me Helen took at this point in me narrative, if you would, Ta#

Now I’d like for everyone to notice the flash relecting off my eye, dazzling me mightily,
and causing me to see blobs and blotches of afterimage for ages afterwards. Thanks Helen.
The point I’m making is that if my eye is open, I’m awake,
and if I’m awake then I’m not asleep
and if I’m not asleep then I can’t possibly be snoring , can I?

So even if Jackson does sometimes snore enough for the both of us then that’s no reason not to offer him a home.
The fact that as you can clearly see he snores on my bed is a perfect reason that you must offer him a home immediately.
By my bed in the photo you can see my stuff: books, photos, momentos and the like.
Things Dogs Acquire Over Time.
My favorite books are on the bottom shelf for easy bedtime reading.
They are a present Helen got me many years ago for biting someone who defending her.
They are a full 21 volume set of first edition leatherbound copies of that most coveted work:

The Fully Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Bonios,

signed to frontispiece by Lord Bonio himself.

Well the thing is, I always used to love looking at this before going off to sleep of an evening, as it helps me have wonderful Bonio-filled dreams.
And when Jackson first came to stay with us he wasn’t feeling very well, so it seemed the right thing to let him sleep on the end of my bed and I’d read him Bedtime Bonio stories.
The Trouble IS, youngsters these days haven’t the stamina for some reason.
Whenever I start reading, he’s always nodded off and is snoring away before I’ve even got to the end of reading him the Foreword, Preface, Introduction by Lord Bonio and the first 100 pages of Volume One.
And once he’s asleep I can’t reach the other volumes and can hardly wake him up can I?
So over the past few weeks I’m getting desperate to read the other volumes again.
I find myself worrying in the middle of the night about whether I might have forgotten some of the Bonios in volumes 19 and 20 , and whether the one I dreamt of last night was from page 433 of Volume XII or from page 253 from Volume XV?
It is starting the bother me, because perhaps my memory is not as sharp as it once was.

So please someone hurry up and get Jackson off my bed!!!!!!!!! consider giving lovely Jackson a home and think of his snores as endearing and not the sort that rattle your photos off your shelves so that they bounce off your head in the middle of the night and you think that there’s been a blooming earthquake!!!!!!!!!