Updated August 16, 2008 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 16th Aug

Tyson is the cat who likes dogs and once brought home a stray dog.
Peter and Dorothy who Travis and Tyson live with, opened the door
to let him in one day and found not just a cat on the doorstep but a
stray dog as well.
Tyson had met him whilst on a stroll in the road and invited him back for supper.

Travis is learning that Tyson is not to be chased and today has been
The meeting went well and we hope they will soon enjoy
evenings snuggled up together in front of the fire watching films.
Tyson is also a bit of a social cat and has several mates who come
over to his place to sunbathe on the shed roof and have a yarn.
We are not sure how Travis’s tolerance will extend to a gang of Top Cat’s
friends,especially if they all get drunk and have a sing song!

progress update: 12th Aug

Travis has a new home lined up pending the results of the homecheck,

so we wish him well !!

Travis is a 17 month old chocolate doberman.

Unfortunately his owner has cancer and so Travis is now looking for a new home.

He would prefer to be on his own with no other dogs.

For more details please ring Brian at Country Kennels

on 01202 893461