Two Minutes of Barking

Updated November 11, 2008 Categories: Dooley's diary.

This morning whilst Helen was at the Rescue she stopped work at 11o’clock and was silent for a couple of minutes, lost in her thoughts.

I wasn’t.

I’d been quiet all morning.

At the start of the Two Minutes Silence I started barking


I barked for two minutes constantly and then stopped.

Griff said that I have no respect, which; to be fair, I usually don’t.

But this time I did.

If a dog like me was quiet for two minutes at that time, no-one would really have noticed anything special in that.

So I Barked Loudly.

Animal Aid have been selling purple poppies in rememberance of all the animal victims of war.

Animal aid

Remember the fallen

and Bark Loudly when the expected thing to do is remain silent