progress update: 16th Nov

progress update: 20th April

Lady’s Story (As told by Lady)

“My story really starts around September last year when I noticed my owners were looking at me in a different way and having whispered conversations about me. I was pregnant at the time and it was starting to worry me, however I had my pups in October but the whispering went on until in November they took all my pups except one away. Soon after that they took me and my pup to the vet and left me there. The vet took my pup away and I was left on my own feeling confused and very puzzled.

A few days later a lady came and took me away from the vet and then took me to on a long journey which took a couple of days, on arrival I was given to another lady called Helen who took me to a vet and then to a house where I met two people who I was told would look after me until they could find new owners for me.

This is a photograph of me on my first day in my new house

These new people already had a yellow Labrador called Bracken who seemed quite happy to have me in his house. I was given my own bed and Bracken and me were taken for long walks in the woods and on the heath which I really enjoyed but Bracken was a lot older than me and could not keep up so I ran around on my own. Occasionally we met other dogs and some of them liked to play chase with me and I really enjoyed that.

Christmas and New Year came and went and then in January the people who were looking after me told me that Bracken was very ill and would not live much longer so they had decided to adopt me and become my new owners. Just after this my new owners took me to the vet for an operation which meant I would not be able to have any more pups, it took me a few days to recover but everything seems fine now. Since the operation life has settled into a pattern of two to four walks a day which I enjoy very much but in April I had a new adventure. My owners put a large box behind the car and we went to a place called Wales where I am told there are some good golf courses. During my stay in Wales I met a friend of my owners and we went for some very long walks. We were away for a week and I found it very enjoyable and I am told that we will soon be going to Dartmoor for a week which I am looking forward to.

This is a photograph of me, Bracken and one of my owner’s friends on a walk in Wales.

This is a photograph of my owners’ car and the box that goes behind it which they live in. I am not allowed inside and Bracken and I live in a thing called an awning which fits on the side.

It is now nearly the end of April and I have just passed my third Birthday, unfortunately Bracken is getting worse and I am very worried about him but he seems happy to stay in his bed. My owners now have to walk Bracken and me separately but I get a longer walk which I enjoy.

Looking back I owe a big thank you to the lady who brought me to Helen and especially Helen for finding me a new home, for the future I hope all animals will find good homes where they are treated with kindness.”