Working hard at the allotment

Updated May 24, 2011 Categories: Mutley's Diary.


Helen found out about our earlier reports and both me and Mark who does the website were in Quite A Lot Of Trouble.
So I’ve got to tone it down a bit and Mark is going to help edit it so we don’t get sued. he doesn’t get an irate phone call and I don’t get my dinner confiscated.
I’m quite getting to like this ‘blogging’ malarkey and might have to ask Mark if I can have my own ‘Mutley’s Diary’ section like Dooley.
Then again I’m rather an old dog and this is rather a new trick…
However, I’m not old enough to be pensioned off yet so huge thanks to everyone who gave me all those yummy bonios last month, they were very tasty! had the wisdom and foresight to invest their bonios in my Pension Plan for their future.
Anyway, moving quickly on…. about Jackson…
A new spy photo of him has been taken whilst he, Spike and I were all hard at work helping Helen at her allotment on Saturday.
I say ‘spy photo’ because I’m in it and I certainly don’t remember it being taken!
It shows us hard at work waiting for the water to be added to what obviously must be our new padding pool. It will be great to have one as such hot days inevitably cause one to become rather dozy dusty after luncheon.
As you can see in the photo, Helen had placed lots of things onto the lovely warm black bed black plastic sheeting to weight it down to stop the wind blowing it away until it was filled up with water. We volunteered to have a kip on it helpfully helped weight it down too.
We waited all afternoon in fact but Helen never did fill it up.
Later ( some time seems to have elasped here and I can’t remember how ) I woke up I was going to ask Helen to hurry up and fill up the pool but she seemed busy with the plants and muttering why we didn’t help her with the digging, so I didn’t mention it.
Best not too I thought, after all, I was up ( in principle at any rate ) to helping with the digging but Spike and Jackson seemed quite sleepy for some reason.
Let sleeping dogs lie, I always tell people say.
Anyway the whole point of this ramble report is to say that in the photo you can see that Jackson is now sporting a very natty matching-jacket-and-trouser-ensemble like all the other youngsters these days.

Now when I were a lad…..