Updated June 5, 2011 Categories: dogs, progress updates.

Yogi has now been rehomed !!

progress update: 5/6/11

Hi Helen, a quick update on the scrumptious little Yogi,
This little pup has settled extemely well since his arrival, he’s incredibly laid back and placid and will sit in your lap for cuddles
forever, he loves being with the other dogs and is very respectful around them.
Yogi is happy to go in his crate by himself during the day, he was a little vocal last night but he soon settled, he really is
a sweet boy and is very calm gentle around the children, he would make a lovely addition to any family.

Hi Helen,
here are a few pics of Yogi, the kids thought he looked rather bear like hence the name,
hope thats ok

( from left to right) Yogi, Jackson and Spike