Molly (a.k.a Amber, a.k.a Missy)

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progress update: 22/3/13

Hello Helen.
You may remember that I homed Molly (Amber) last year.
She has settled down well now-but is far more sociable with other dogs than with humans!
As a family, we have a mixture of 5 JRTs , who all visit often and Molly is always delighted to see them.
I would love to take on another one, and perhaps start looking next year
But for now… she is, watching Animal magic on TV,
and down on the beach-where she is happiest, and finishing off my yoghurt!.


Amber has now found a home !!

progress update: 21/7/12

Hello Helen! …
Thought you would like to see this picture of AMBER… (now known as Molly) who came to live with me in January……..she was quite skinny when she arrived but now the vet says she is a bit overweight! …
so am I, so we are both on a new diet/excersise programme for the summer.!
She is a bit more sociable now, and knows most of my family. Still
scared of men, and will not have anyone strange walking behind her.
But doing very well. Was due to be speyed at end of Feb, but came into
season. so we had to wait until end of May. Is over it now, but she
has lost a couple more of her teeth. Otherwise she is healthy and

progress update: 23/1/12

Amber has settled down very well with me.
She was very wary on the beach at first, but she seems to like it now, and becomes quite animated as we get near to it.
It maybe that she has realised we will be away from the traffic, which she is still a bit scared of…….with lots of reassurance, thats a work in progress!
She is feeding well – I am following Nicky’s routine as far as I can.
I didn’t leave her at all for the first couple of days, but this week I’ve started leaving her on her own – just for half an hour or so.
She seems fine with that and is very pleased to see me on my return.
I am going to gradually extend the time, till I can leave her a couple of hours while I go shopping etc.
I hate seeing dogs tied up outside of shops!
Putting a couple of pickies on here for you…so you can pass them on.
We are very happy togeather!!!

progress update: 31/12/11

Hi just a quick update on Missy AKA Amber, now we’ve had her a while,
This little dog is now starting to come out of her shell and totally enjoy life, she now loves her walks and gets
very excited once she knows we are heading out, rounding up the other dogs then waiting patiently whilst we get
ready, she travels very well in the car, no noise just sits quietly until we reach our destination, once on our walk
Missy is polite and calm around other dogs and has wonderful recall, she never ventures far and is extremely good
on the lead not pulling at all.
In the house Missy is clean and is happy to go in her crate, she does not like to be shut in so the door is always
open, she can happily be left for 2-3 hours and is very pleased to see us when we get back, she is very social
and loves to be cuddled, she is also wonderful around my children who range from 9-14 and loves to spend time
with them.
Missy is not high energy although she enjoys her walks she is not the typical bustling Jack Russell
Terrier who is always on the go, she is a very calm little girl and really would be a wonderful addition to any


progress update: 17/12/11

more details asap

Amber has now found a home !!

Comment on January 2nd, 2012.

I’m very interested in Sammy and had to have my own little dog put to sleep on 30-12-2011 could you please let me have more details on him or any other suitable dogs that gets on with cats and i also have an 18month old grandaughter thanks Wendy

Comment on January 2nd, 2012.

Sorry i meant Amber thanks Wendy

Comment on January 3rd, 2012.

Please ring Helen directly on 01202 380467 or 0796 8345216
Sorry to hear about your previous dog btw

Comment on July 21st, 2012.

Bless her x