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progress update 22/3/13

progress update 22/8/10

Skippy is now living with Claire !!

Mutley and Spike are very pleased!!

Word around the Rescue is that Helen likes Skippy so much that she is thinking of  keeping her for herself…..!
It  isn’t often that we agree with each other on anything, but we are both in no doubt that this is A Very Bad Thing for our future Bonio rations !!!!!
Please help us to find Skippy a new home…QUICKLY !!!
Yours desperately worriedly
Mutley and Spike

Er.. better not say anything to Helen that we’ve said any of this, or else we’ll have no Bonios for misusing the website…
She’s out at the moment so she’ll not be happy if she gets back to find this.
Hopefully we can have Skippy safely rehomed before she gets back…
What a bind to be in!

progress update: 20/7/10

Hi, I had a bath today and now smell much nicer. It wasn’t too bad and I did feel less itchy afterwards. Here is a photo of me on the towel drying myself.

On Thurs Helen took me to a lovely house which to my surprise turned out to be Graham of Afrivets surgery.
I would never of known if he hadn’t been there.
There was even a garden for me to play in if I felt nervous.
Graham likes the animals to feel like they are in a house which is less scary than the Doctors I felt completely at home and watched pigeons on the fence whilst he examined me.
Graham said I was a real sweetie and Helen thinks this too.
I liked Graham very much even when he gave me an injection because he gave me a treat straight after.
Helen said that if someone doesn’t offer me a home soon she may end up with another dog. Mutley and Spike rolled their eyes, they have heard all this before.

I went out with The Ball Throwing Gang today, Dooley, Spike and Fudge are The Ball Throwing Gang.
Fudge is Helen’s boss’s dog and on the days she works we all walk together.
Mutley isn’t usually allowed out with this gang as he becomes obsessive over the ball and spoils the games but today he was allowed along as we were going to the field.
The Ball Throwing Gang become The Swimming Gang on the days we go to the field because they all swim in the river. You can see me in the river doing a Otter impression.
Dooley told me all this so I understood the routines.
He said to remember to always let him get the ball.
Unfortunately Mutley did spoil the game and wouldn’t let anyone else have the ball, I am not sure what Dooley thought of this change of rules but I noticed he didn’t grumble at Mutley as he would of at the rest of us.
Helen said  ” Well, that’s it then Mutley has the ball now so we may as well walk around the field”.

Helen said she knew I would be good off the lead as I am a star dog.
I think she is in love with me, I am very good, I always sleep quietly at night,do my business outside and mind my P’s and Q’s with the other dogs.

Hi, I am Skippy and I have just arrived into the rescue today because my family didn’t want me anymore.
It is not bad here and I like Helen who I follow everywhere.
Mutley is not too keen on this and told me to get back in the kitchen, I sneaked around him and am now sitting at Helen’s feet endearing myself to her.
I am not keen on young children they are a bit squealy and run about too much.
I need a bit of TLC which I think I may get here, not too keen on the bath idea though !!