Macey (a.k.a Mouse)

Updated May 12, 2011 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 12/5/11

Mouse has now found a home !!

“Hi everyone my name is Macey (Mouse) yesterday l left my foster home to go to my forever home.
l had a good journey in the car.
l’m really lucky l have gone to a lovely new family my new Mum is giving me lots of love and cuddles.
l’ve been really spoilt with new toys and a lovely cosy bed and blanket.
l had a little cry last night but l soon settled.
l’ve been on lots of walks and played in the garden.
l am missing the dogs in my foster home but l think l’m going to be really happy l’m so glad DAWGdogs rescued me.
Thank You Love Macey xxx”

progress update: 3/5/11

Mouse is about 12-13 weeks old,
has a lovely sweet nature, she is pretty much clean in the house,
she is also crate trained, has fantastic offlead recall,
goes through the night and is good as gold in the car

progress update: 21/4/11

Hi Helen, just a quick update on Mouse now we’ve had her a while, when she first arrived Mouse was quite shy and reserved but it didnt take her long to feel at home, shes happy in the company of my other dogs and my children, she pretty much clean in the house with only one accident so far which is great considering her young age, she is also happy to take herself off into her crate to sleep, we also left her for a short while today with no problems.

Yesterday we went for a walk down to the river where she met lots of dogs and people, she took it all in her stride, this morning we went to Queens Park Golf Course where I let her off lead and she behaved fantastically, she is as good as gold in the car, in the house and we had a brilliant night as she slept right through, we are really enjoying looking after this little girl shes a real sweetheart.