Jagger (a.k.a Jake) and Chrissie

Updated May 11, 2011 Categories: dogs, progress updates.


progress update 11/5/11

Here are a couple of pictures of Jagger and Chrissie.
They are the best of friends, even if Jagger sits on Chrissie at breakfast time (it’s to keep his bottom warm!)
I often look at your website, and notice that you get some lovely dogs.
Bye for now Helen.
Sue, Dave, Chrissie and Jagger xxxx

progress update 14/8/10

I have been with my new mum and dad for 5 weeks now, and i am having a great time, with my new friend Chrissie the border collie. She also comes from Helen’s. My name is jagger by the way. I was called jake, but my new mum and dad thought jagger suited me better.
I can run rings around Chrissie, but she puts up with me, and is nice to snuggle up to, when i get tired, which isen’t very often!
Before I came here i was with my foster dad Dave who nursed me back to health, because i had a nasty bout of kennel cough that i caught in ireland, with a temperature of 102 ! As you can see i am fine now and enjoying life so much. I have made several new doggy friends that i like to run and play with. I go swimming in the river, while Chrissie paddles, but i am looking forward to going to the beach.
I shall always be grateful to auntie Helen for bringing me over from ireland. life is good here.
Love jagger and Chrissie.

progress update 7/7/10

Jake has now found a home !!

progress update from Dave: 29/6/10

We still havent heard him bark! For a jack russell is this amazing
All he wants to do is sit on your lap or beside you on sofa sleeping.
Jake is eating and drinking well. He loves the few toys we got for him, jake goes mad for a ball.
He has a huge amount of energy when he is playing in the garden.

Jake does not know any commands!! So will need a lot of training but I am sure he will excel in treat training.
We can already tell he will not like to be left alone and loves human contact.
He is a true character who wants to play with his toys and then snuggle up on the sofa when he has tired his owner out!!
While out walking we have met other dogs which he has shown no aggression to or any interest in them!
He does walk well on the lead.

Thiis is Jake who came from Ireland a fortnight ago