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progress update: Oct 09

Clive has now been rehomed !!!

progress update: 4th Aug 09

Clive working hard at the allotment !

Clive’s pure joy in life !

Clive begging for some ice cream!”

Clive and Helen having a lazy walk !

progress update from Daryl: 7th July 09

Had a great walk with Clive tonight.
His confidence has built up no end.
We had a good walk down to the rec. When we got there we played
some games-and did some fun training. Clive was full of it, a real
joker and loved every minute of it!
He has such a great character and he has a great sense of humour!

The test came when we met some strangers. Clive looked a little
concerned at first but then totally switched off from them. Amazing!
He even let them come and say hello to him.
Again- this is a sign of how his confidence has grown and a real show of how well he is being looked after now.

Clive has turned into a very funny, loyal, faithful dog.
If I didn’t own 2 already-I would take him tomorrow!
I would urge everyone to consider Clive as he truly is a real success from the world of rescue!

progress update from Daryl: 15th June 09

The training continues with Clive.
He is starting to develop really good social skills and coping skills.
Since the last update we have been to the rec and met lots of dogs and
people and have done some more walking along main roads.

Tonight’s walk was a real challenge-we encountered several large groups
of people and some very excited dogs on leads!

Clive’s behaviour was fantastic.
An immediate correction and Clive totally ignored everything and focused on me and where we were going.
I’ve been very lucky to have worked with Clive over the last few weeks
and am very happy to see such a change.
He’s starting to turn into a very lovely well balanced dog.

progress update from Helen: 2nd June 09

Daryl Turner is a one to one dog trainer who offered us his help with any
dogs that we have in the rescue needing one to one training.
We were impressed with Daryl’s experience and obvious understanding of how a
dog thinks and asked if he would be have time to help Clive.
Daryl has alot of experience with dogs and as a bonus also understands
Bull Terriers and how they think.
After 20 years of running this rescue it takes a lot to impress me when it comes people understanding dogs and especially those with problems but I recognised straight away that
Daryl knew how to rehabilitate a dog and had a love of them.

Clive has been beaten in his past life and is unsure of strangers when
out of his secure enviroment at the Rescue.
Daryl took him out for a walk on Saturday to start his training and again tonight.
He spent time sitting with Clive getting him used to people moving about him.
Below is Daryl’s report on Clive and he will continue to write reports
on how they progress together.

We have included Daryl’s contact details for anyone who may need to

contact him for one to one training:

Daryl Turner

Dorset Dog Training

Phone 07707 537246

01202 604888

Website is down at the moment!

progress update from Daryl: 1st June 09

Clive is making excellent progress.
I’ve been training him to cope with the everyday sights and sounds of busy day to day life.
From what I can gather he had been kept inside from an early age.

Our first walk down the high street on Saturday was quite an adventure!
There were lots of different sights, smells and noises.
Plus lots of strangers to meet.
Clive was a little nervous and unsure of himself but started to cope well.

Tonights walk was a lot better.
Clive was a lot more relaxed- and he really switched on.
I started by teaching him the watch to make eye contact with me.
Our walk was a lot more relaxed.
Clive was a little uneasy but kept looking up at me for reassurance and he started to relax.

We have also spent some time just sitting on the pavement-
watching the world go by and giving him a chance to relax and take it all in.

Clive is making really good progress- he is a star pupil!
He will make someone a fantastic dog and I look forward to our next walk together!

progress update: 25th May 09

Well I have been here for ages now and still no offer of a home. Helen told me that because people think I am safe in a rescue their heart strings aren’t pulled in the same way that they are when they see a dog advertised that is on Deathrow. But whilst I am safe here it would be good to find a home and then my space could be filled by one of the Deathrow dogs. Helen has said that she cannot help anymore Bull Terriers until me and Kip have found homes. Kip would love to live with Claire and Mark whom he goes to visit most weekends, he loves Mark especially but they aren’t able to take on a dog permanently. Such a shame as Kip is very good when left and settles down in his bed for a sleep and he is full of his adventures when he comes back from their house, it really is quite boring to hear him repeating himself.

I am good off the lead but need to to curb my enthusiasm and walk without pulling. I am still wary of strange people(I was beaten badly) especially when out of familar surroundings. Helen has said that in time I will get over this but she thinks I am best suited to a home without children. I love the company of other dogs and even though Kip is a good friend of mine and insists on sharing my bed at night I am looking forward to meeting new faces on the weekend. Helen is expecting more dogs in from Ireland this week.

I learnt a new trick this week, when I hear helen in the kitchen I hop over the fence into THEIR part of the garden and take myself in to say hello. I thought this was rather clever of me but I was put back into our side each time. Last weekend Mark phoned to say that he was off in a canoe with his brother for the weekend. I really liked the sound of this and put my life jacket on, packed my Bonios and waited to be picked up. Alas, the plan was not to include me in this adventure so I ended up spending the weekend here. Kip had gone to Claire’s , I had finished reading my book and the weekend was quite boring. I hope I find a home soon with someone who will understand me and then all my weekends will be exciting.

progress update: 7th Apr 09

new photos of Clive from his stay with Claire and Mark at the weekend!

progress update from Sheryl: 3rd April 09

What can I say about Clive!?! He is such a happy little chap!
When I got to the rescue this afternoon he greeted me with Spike and Mutley,
all happily wagging their tails and sniffing out my treats!
Clive and I went for a walk in the sunshine for a good hour.
He was really obedient on the lead- He doesnt really pull at all.
He has good doggy manners!
I found out today that he is only about 9 months old- He is doing very well for a young dog!
Once we left the rescue I felt he was a little nervous as he seemed as
if he was trying to get away from me and giving me unsure looks as if
to say-Who are you then? Where are we going?
I just kept walking and he soon settled down and was happy to walk beside me.
Clive was quite easy to control on our walk…If he pulled out in
front all I had to do was say “Wait” and he slowed down.
Clive turned a few heads tonight-He is a very attractive dog and I
heard people comment on him and how cute his face is, but they didnt
approach us.
He seems quite confident in an environment such as the rescue as he
has already built a bond with Helen and the other dogs,
but I dont see this confidence just yet when he is alone with me or other people he
meets outside.
As soon as we got back to the Rescue he was back to his normal outgoing self!
I am positive that when I see him next week and we walk together again that he will gain more confidence in unfamiliar surroundings and have more trust in me.
Considering the poor start he has had in life, he is a very happy little fella who loves human
contact and being among his own kind.
Looking forward to seeing him again on Monday!

progress update: 1st April 09

I arrived into the rescue a couple of weeks ago and went to stay with Ann in The New Forest.
I was skin and bone and quite scared but Ann gave me plenty of food and now I have fattened up.
I did quite well at Ann’s with the chickens etc but on Monday morning let myself down a bit.
I don’t know what came over me as I had not taken much notice of the numerous birds at Ann’s place before but suddenly it just came into my head to chase them.
The Turkey is non too pleased with me, nor was Ann !!

Anyway moving swiftly on it had already been arranged previously that I was off to Helen’s that day.
When I arrived at Helen’s house I met Mutley and Spike who I liked straight away.
Mutley was a bit bossy to start with and wouldn’t let me within a mile of the food bin and I was
desperate to see what scrummy food it contained.
I can be really quite charming and soon had them playing with me in the garden.
I also heard Helen on the phone telling someone that she thought she was falling
for me and if she was looking to take on another dog that I would be the one.
She thinks I would make a great camping dog, I am not sure what she means by this but I think this is a compliment.
I told you I could be charming.

Today was a really good day as suddenly all these girls turned up and now I have four girlfriends.
Life couldn’t be better I can tell you.
They are a bit grubby at the moment as they have come from a place where they were kept in dirty conditions but I know they will scrub up well.
I’m sure they are quite pretty underneath all the dirt.
I am teaching them that this is a good place to be and that they don’t need
to be frightened anymore.
Bracken one of my girlfriends is a bit bossy and has put me in my place a few times I’m only a year old and she is a little older than me so thinks she can boss me about.
When I next see Fudge Helen’s boss’s dog I am going to tell him all about today.

Yesterday Helen and her boss came to pick Mutley and Spike and I up to take us for a walk with Fudge.
I thought Helen went to work to do boring things I didn’t realise that she got to spend some of that time
having a nice walk in the sun.
Anyway I digress, we went up the field and Keith (Helen’s boss) thought I was gorgeous and wanted to keep me.
He encouraged me to say hello to him and I spent some of the journey sitting on his lap and licking his face.Helen said rather sternly that dogs aren’t meant to sit on top of wheelchairs whilst in a van.
Keith replied “No,but he didn’t care as I am gorgeous”.
We had a fantastic two hour walk and I fell in the river which cleaned me off a bit.
It was the first time that Helen had let me off the lead and she said I was just the perfect dog.
I ran off to  meet two Collies and came back straight away when she called me.
I am also learning to sit for a treat and my dinner and Sheryl is teaching me to walk well on
Life couldn’t be better for a dog that was starved and beaten.
Keith said he couldn’t understand anyone beating a dog but
especially a thoroughly nice dog like me.
All I need for life to be perfect is a new home.


Clive playing with Mutley and Spike

Mutley and Clive hoping for some early dinner!