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Marley has now found a home !!

progress update: 20th Oct 09

Marley will be going to his new home on Thursday !!

progress update: 8th Oct 09

Marley is such a lovely happy little boy. I can’t comprehend the decision to put him to sleep.
Thank goodness the team at Ark Aid intervened & got in contact with Helen!
He has shown no bad behaviour or aggression what so ever. He doesn’t even bark at our neighbour’s cat.
The cat now thinks he’s a mouse and has tried approaching him as if he was prey!
He is clean in the house, he eats well and loves lots of fuss and cuddles.
He spends most of his day snoozing on his back, on the sofa, as close as he can get to me.
He lets me know when the laptop has had too much of my attention and forcefully shoves his little head under my arm.
He sleeps in the crate at night although I think he would prefer to be on the bed.
He squeaks for a bit but then settles and is quiet for the night. He is very excited to be let out in the morning.
I believe his previous home may have been a bit chaotic and confusing for him.
He is now thriving in a quiet home, with no young children or pets, where he gets lots of positive attention.
On walks he is friendly and playful towards other dogs.
Passers by comment on how sweet he is and what a beautiful coat and markings he has.
He is a bit clingy, he squeaks when I go to have a shower.
I am going to have to start leaving him for short periods (in the crate for security & with the radio on) and gradually increase the time I’m away.
He has some good manners suggesting someone has taken time to train him.
He knows not to charge out of the door before me at the beginning of a walk.
He sits nicely for his dinner and waits for instruction to eat.
I can put my hand in the bowl of food and he doesn’t get funny. He hasn’t been fussed about toys either.
We thought about keeping him ourselves but I will have to return to work and he would, on occasions, be left on his own for a 3-4 hours.
I think he’d prefer to be a very loving companion to someone who doesn’t have to leave him on a regular basis.


Marley was going to be put to sleep but the staff at Ark Aid Vets in Southbourne stepped in and phoned us to see if we could take him, they said he was too nice a dog to be put to sleep.

If you can provide a good home please contact Helen

on 01202 380467 or email

We usually only rehome within approx 30miles of the Bournemouth / Poole area
so that we can ensure the continued well-being of the dogs in our care.
We will only re-home further afield if the homes are exceptional.
We are NOT looking for just ANY home that is offered.
All potential homes will be assessed to try and ensure the best possible home
to cater for the differing needs of each individual dog that we rescue.