Gypsy and her 6 pups: Ace, Reef (a.k.a Leir), Gilan, Saban, Nova (a.k.a Galeth)

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progress update on Gypsy: 22/12/2016

Hi Helen –
Mum, Gypsy and I would like to wish you all including all of the rescued DAWG Dogs a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year 2017.
a photo of Gypsy taken this summer in the garden.
another Great Fun Day at Tiptoe in September – mum remembers when we went the Sunday before we adopted Gypsy.


progress update on Nova: 4/4/13

progress update on Ace: 1/1/13

Hello Helen, we had one of Gypsys male pup Ace 18 months almost old now,
still lovely and one of the family.
Often seen catching frisbys on Ashdown school canford Heath playing fields.
Many thanks
Bob and Donna Bradfield

progress update on Gypsy: 18/12/12

Hi Helen

Hope all is well with you and the DAWGS Team.

I thought you might like to see these pictures of Gypsy:
the one with her Christmas stocking taken last year and in the garden/sun lounge so far this
year with Beckham (her soft football).
Hope to email you in the New Year with more news on our three year old ‘puppy’ dog.

A very merry Christmas and happy New Year to you.

Best wishes from mum dv too and love from Gypsy-Girl.


progress update: 17/2/12

Gypsy and all of her pups have now found homes !!

progress update on Nova (a.k.a Galeth): 17/2/12

Nova is doing great he’s a real laid back chappy…..
scared of a few things such as a hoover but he managed to walk past it yesterday when it was turned off so I reckon we can beat his fears..
he still goes to dog classes weekly and got a distinction for puppy class and a distinction in beginner class and he’s due to start intermediate..
He’s a right little character and is obsessed with tummy rubs all you have to do is look at him and his on his back.
He enjoys meeting other dogs and is always excited when meeting new dogs and gets on very well with them.
He is becoming stronger within the family and started to not let Kayla his Labrador sister push him round so much and is by far way faster than her already so he outruns her but they are the best of friends and are never apart when we’re out.
He is starting agility as soon as he is old enough and flyball which I reckon he is going to love.

As a whole I’m really happy with Nova and I’m certain that as long as were willing to rub his tummy he will be happy with us also lol.
I hope you like the pics.

progress update on Reef (a.k.a Leir): 5/11/11

Reef (a.k.a Leir) has settled in very well, he loves playing with the girls in the garden and having fun with the cats!
Going out on our walks is so much fun, he is very good, training is fun too….as he has the most adorable eyes!!!
Thank you so much, we feel well and truly complete with Reef.

thanks again claire.

Dear Helen, we wanted to let you know that Ace has settled in really well, and is a much loved member of our family.
He is so mischievous we just love playing with him in the garden, although he prefers to dig holes!
He has made such a difference to us all. He is lovely, gorgeous, and yummy.
Also a very big thank you to Fiona who has looked after him so well, she has made it all so much easier for him to settle down with us, knowing his routine.
I will keep in touch.
Regards Donna x

progress update: 3/9/11


Well here I am in England and what a difference to where I used to live on the farm.
Now, I have a soft bed and three square meals a day to build up my strength after raising six lovely children.
I have heard it said when eavesdropping on Helen’s conversations ( I usually pretend to be asleep at these times ) that I am a most gorgeous girl, quiet, biddable and gentle.
I am re-united with my daughter here which is lovely especially since she is now eating solids and not forever pestering me.
You Mothers out there will know the relief to have babies at last on solids.
Helen, I have heard was stuck on solids at 6 weeks just to shut her up !!
Her Mother said she was wilful from the minute she was born.
But this is usually the sort of thing that Mutley reveals in his diaries. Her Mother was obviously a saint !!
Still, if she wasn’t so wilful and determined we wouldn’t all be here at her house and in wonderful foster homes now.

I am getting the swing of things here since arriving on Wed with my family.
Mutley has already tried it on and told me we ALL take a turn in Sunday chores. HA ,HA, does he think I am stupid ?
I am a Collie after all and renowned for intelligence.
I am taking it Easy Hosey and spending a lot of time sleeping and enjoying the sun thank you very much…… Mai, my little girl like all my children is a placid and quiet child and already house trained much to Helen’s relief.
I know how to bring up children and mine are all polite and well trained.

Natalie from Dogs-N-Joy came to walk us all on Thurs.
She has her own dog walking business and volunteers every week to take us rescue dogs out.
We love her and get very excited when she arrives because she is soooooo kind and ALWAYS has gravy bones in her pouch.
Spike always eats too many and farts a lot afterwards. Natalie is taking me to the Dawgdogs Show on Sunday and looking after me for the day there.
I am quite nervous about this because I haven’t been put in public with lots of people before.
Natalie told me I will be okay and not to worry she will have plenty of gravy bones in her pouch.

At lunchtime all us DAWGdogs are going into the ring with our foster parents so that we can meet people.
I think it will be a bit like the film stars you see on telly but less shallow.
Wonder if I will get a special hairdo for the day?

progress update: 1/9/11

Hi Helen,
Just to let you know that Saban & Galeth settled in really well.
They’ve been pretty good with doing their toilet outside with the odd accident.
They have been playing and sleeping on and off most of the day, so we thought we would take them to the big park where we could let their leads go and see what they would do, the pair off them stayed close by and would run after the kids.
They are such adorable puppies.
Kim x

progress update: 31/8/11

They have all arrived safely today.

Hi Helen more pics of the boys Leir and Gilan, they have settled well and are enjoying the garden, will update when I know them better

progress update: 21/8/11
Gypsy and her pups will be arriving into the Rescue soon, all needing homes.
There are 5 male pups and one female pup.

Gypsy gets on very well with the dogs and cats where she is staying at the moment.

progress update: 5/7/11
She has now been discovered to be pregnant so will not now be coming over until she and her pups are ready to travel

Comment on August 23rd, 2011.

Is Gypsy cat tolerant and how old is she please.J

Comment on August 23rd, 2011.

Gypsy is cat tolerant in the house but not outside she will chase them

Comment on August 30th, 2011.

How lovely!

We would love to come and see Gypsy and her puppies. Is Wednesday 31st August ok to do so. Thank you.

Comment on August 31st, 2011.

What breed are these pups please?

Comment on September 1st, 2011.

They are collie crosses

Comment on August 31st, 2011.

Also how old are they now- they are gorgeous!

Comment on September 1st, 2011.

They are now all eight weeks old

Comment on September 3rd, 2011.

How many puppies are left?

Comment on September 3rd, 2011.

There are six puppies needing homes

Comment on September 21st, 2011.

Donna…So pleased for the little one..thankyou …Fiona xx