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progress update: 18/12/2016

In October this beautiful boy came to me from DAWGdogs.
I knew when taking him on he had issues.
Since getting him I met my partner.
Sadly, despite perseverance my partner still feels uneasy around him and has asked for him to be shut away when he visits which I’m not happy about, so with regret I have no choice but to let him go.
If you are interested, he’s fully house trained, stunning to look at, well socialized and generally comes when he’s called.
He’s 38, own house, car and business and I think he’ll make a great boyfriend with a little work.

Toby has now found a home !!

Toby is a Setter mix about 3-4 years old who has not been treated well and as you can see is still very skinny.
He is gobbling up three meals a day at top speed.
Toby is a quick learner and once he knows you is all tail wagging and kisses, it takes a very short time for him to realise that new people are friends.