Dillion The Rope Dog

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progress update: 1/9/13

This is Debbie with Dillion dog on a rope ( so called because he was kept in a dark building tied up)

As, you can see he is a much happier dog now!

Dillion and his sister Poppy are both rehomed

Hi Folks
This is a picture of Dillon and Poppy halfway through their 8 week beginners Agility course.
As you can see from this photo they are still ignoring each other.
The only obstacle they have a problem with is the tunnel (esp Dill) they have to make the tunnel as small a possible for them to go through. But we will get there in the end.

Best Wishes


progress update: 13th Oct 2008

Dillion has gone to his new home today !!

progress update from Claire: 10th Oct 2008

Thankfully today is sunny and warm and we can leave the back door open. Dillion has now selected a favourite spot in the garden and been lying there since we got back from the vet’s. Why he has chosen the flower bed, that is still damp from the dew this morning, I have no idea. I think the appeal may be the big flower pot he can lie next to and feel secure.
He was a bit shakey at the vet’s but he was very good having his injection although slightly unimpressed about having tablets put on the back of his tongue. I got him to walk into the vets on the lead but he was very nervous so he got special treatment. The nice vet even carried him to the car!

progress update from Claire : 5th Oct

I’ve taken a few pictures of Dillion.

No action shots I’m afraid as he prefers to stay in one place and observe.

His confinement seems to have dulled his dog spirit but you can see in his eyes with time, love and patience it will find it’s way back.

He has the freedom to wander round downstairs but he hasn’t quite built up the confidence.

I’ve had to assist him to get him out in the garden.

If I get his front legs out he will make the effort with his back ones.

Once he’s out there he has a trot round and a sniff and does the necessary.

We made a small amount of progress today.

Yesterday when I got him outside he was reluctant to come back in.

Today, he followed me in without a fuss and returned to his favourite spot in the kitchen.

He will walk close behind me as long as I don’t turn and look at him.

I have spent all of my life tied up on a short length of rope and
locked in a dark, dark shed.
Sometimes I thought this would never end and longed to see the sun and run free.
Then one morning a kind lady came and cut the rope and took me to a lady called Tessa who rescues dogs in Ireland where I lived.
Tessa is kind and works very hard on behalf of us dogs.
She put me in a car and we sailed to somewhere called England.
It was so exciting,there was so much to see and smell.
I still had the tight rope round my neck but somehow I knew this wouldn’t be
for long,for some strange reason I felt hope for the first time in my
We arrived at a Helen’s house and I was scared and tried to stay in my cage.
Tessa carried me into the kitchen and Helen said the first thing that needed to be done was to cut the tight rope off my neck.
I was given lots of fuss and kisses.
I met Dooley and Rocco and was able to sniff noses with the other dogs
that arrived with me.
For the first few days I have hidden under the bench but now I am feeling more confident and have jumped onto the bench to sleep with the others.
I also love my food and eat as much as I can, even if it belongs to someone else.
Helen says that I am gentle and kind and that whoever takes me into
their home will be the lucky ones not me.
I will stay at the rescue for a while to build up my confidence.
I am to take my first walk on a lead in a few days.
Dooley and Rocco say that this is a GOOD thing and that soon I will come to love walks.
Dooley has promised to teach me to swim as well as he does.
He says he is training for the next Olympics,
Rocco just snorted at this.