Fizzy + Tara

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progress update: 1/9/13

Dog show 4

progress update: 21/3/11

We took Fizzy for his annual jab last week.
Our vet was delighted to see him.
She “borrowed” him to show him off to the other vets and nurses.
She kissed him on the head and said he was “So sweet!”

progress update: 11/2/11

It’s hard to believe that Tara has lived with us for over a year and Fizzy is fast approaching his anniversary.

Tara is such a lovely dog. She is so obedient. Her only vice is food! She is such a pleasure to take out for a walk. She shows a friendly mild interest in other dogs and always comes when she is called, even if she sees something “interesting”. She is so athletic when chasing a ball, she has been known to break toenails because of her incredible acceleration. Only a Greyhound could beat her! Yet, when she’s at home, she loves to laze quietly in a chair, just flipping her tail and rolling her eyeballs as we pass. She is so tolerant. She shares a house with a six year old boy and two other dogs and is kind and gentle with all of them.

Fizzy was a real bundle of mischief at first. He was always up to something but he has always made us laugh so much! We stopped noticing he has only three legs long ago. He is as tough as old boots but is very cuddly and loves to snuggle up to us. He knows when one of us is coming home long before the car turns onto the drive. He is incredibly intelligent and picks things up immediately (if he feels like it!). We are sure he understands conversational English. He is the most tolerant Jack Russell we have ever known. He is friendly with all the dogs he meets, even the unfriendly ones. However, he hates the Hoover. He attacks it when it’s switched on. Its now covered in tooth marks!

Fizzy and Tara still seem to still think they are mother and son. Tara lets him play roughly with her. They have both been wonderful companions to us and our very old dog, Crackers. Thanks for introducing us.

Bob & Lisa Fleming

progress update: 21st May 10
Tara has been wire-happy from missing walks after her spaying operation. She couldn’t even go on gentle walks with a lead because “gentle walks” is not in her vocabulary. She certainly couldn’t go for a walk off the lead. Once released, she only has two speeds: fast and very fast! Her scar has healed well, so she can jump into her favourite ponds again.

It was touch and go whether she would have her operation on time. She was producing milk because of her “puppy”, Fizzy and had to go on special drops.

She and Fizzy are inseparable. He plays rather noisily in the garden. Sometimes he rushes out to see if he’s OK. He often snuggles up to her in her chair.

Fizzy is incredibly cuddly. He loves sitting on laps. You can get up, holding him in place (like a bum bag!), walk around the room, sit down again and he doesn’t even raise his head.

He also loves to play noisily with an “Indestructaball”. He plays “Rip, Snarl, Tear” with it for hours.

Although he can’t run very fast with only three legs, he can jump very high. He was introduced to his dog training class and the instructor warned other handlers to be careful because he was disabled. Meanwhile, he was jumping three feet into the air with excitement! He has also made himself at home on a rocking chair and a PC chair, which no other dog has managed to do.

He has taken on the role of chief sentry. He looks out of the window when we are out and warns the other dogs of our return, leading them to the front door. He has been very good therapy for our 16 year old original dog. They are of similar size and are often seen sniffing around the garden together.

Bob & Lisa

Fizzy has gone to live with fellow DAWGdog Tara and the Fleming family  !!

progress update: 12th Apr 10

Fizzy has really made himself at home. He is very like a puppy and is very excited when we all wake up in the morning. He is certainly very fond of sitting on laps! If he’s not on our laps, he is snuggled up to Tara. He seems to have adopted her as his Mum. She doesn’t seem to mind. Unfortunately, when we took Tara for her pre-Spaying check up, the vet discovered she had started to lactate because of her new “puppy”!
She is now on special drops to stop milk production and we hope her operation won’t be delayed.
They have “bespoke” walks. Our old Crackers and Fizzy join Tara for the first part of the walk. Tara is very tolerant when he takes her ball. Crackers and Fizzy then head home with Lisa, while Tara and I head off into the Forest. She loves the ponds and often cools off with a swim. I always bring home a very soggy dog.
Tara continues to impress us and everybody she meets. She has such a sweet nature. She is a ball of fire on her walks and runs flat-out for 1.5 hours. As soon as she gets home, she is quite happy to snooze in her chair for the rest of the day (until meal times!).
Bob & Lisa

progress update: 28th Mar 10

He seems to think he’s lived here for years!
He’s been getting on well with Tara and Crackers.
He likes to snuggle up with everybody.
Poor Tara has found herself sharing her favourite chair…


progress update from Jackie: 13th Mar 10

progress update from Jackie: 23rd Feb 10

Fizzy is a Jack Russell about 3 years old and was born with an undeveloped left front leg.
This doesn’t stop him from being mobile, he can get in and out of the cat flap and at the end of a circuit of our local park still had enough energy to try and run away!!

He is a very friendly dog and his tail didn’t stop wagging for about 2 hours after we had picked him up. Fizzy and our dog Basil get on fine with both tails wagging when first meeting.
He would make a lovely dog for an older household who perhaps aren’t able to go on long walks.


Tara has been rehomed !!

progress update

Tara has really made herself a member of the family. If we aren’t careful we find a large black hot water bottle joins us in bed in the morning!

She and our 15 year old dog, Crackers, are great friends. They curl up together on a bean bag (if there’s room).

She has made lots of new friends in the New Forest: She has met everything from Jack Russells to St Bernards. The ground is now very boggy in places. There are some huge dew ponds. It doesn’t bother Tara. She ploughs through it all. Mind you, she doesn’t like going out in the rain, unless she’s going for a walk!

She had a few social visits to the vet, before she was identichipped. She was particularly popular with the nurse who loves Labradors and the nurse who loves Staffies! Now she can look forward to spaying in April…


progress update: 31st Jan 10

You and Debbie will be pleased to hear that Tara has quickly made herself at home. She was very keen to fit into our routines. She has found her favourite chair and now feels secure enough to stay in it when we are in other rooms.

She has a new, huge bed. Mind you, we found her joining us under the quilt on her first night!

She thinks that Crackers (our small black & tan mongrel) is lovely. As you know, she is in the height of her season, so keeps offering herself to the poor old chap (he’s a neutered 15!).

She also loves our five year old son. She likes to curl up in the chair with him in the evening. They are great friends. She first met him outside the school gates. Another mother was in tears when she saw his delighted reaction.

She has been introduced to walking in the New Forest. She is very keen to get a move on. A walk that used to last 1 hour only took 45 minutes. Extensions to our routes are required! She learns fast. Despite warnings, she walked too close to a New forest Pony. She jumped away as it tried to give her a kick. She now gives them a wide berth.

Thank you for introducing us. She’s a wonderful dog.

Bob & Lisa Fleming

Tara is a labrador sized cross breed about two years old.

She gets on well with other dogs, cats and kids and is an absolute darling who will be very easy to train

beautiful temperament and extremely affectionate

She has been hit by a car in the last six months and has a plate in her front right leg,

but she’s completely recovered and runs around like a looney!