Poppy ( a.k.a Dillions' sister )

Updated November 3, 2008 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 15th Nov

Poppy will be going to her new home tomorrow.

She is going to live with a colleague of Debbie who has rehomed Dillion,

so the siblings will be able to see each other and go for walks together !!

Me and my brother Dillion spent a long time tied up in a dark, dark shed.
Dillion was taken away a few weeks ago and I haven’t seen him since.
Dooley and Rocco told me that he arrived here and went off to live with a kind lady called Debbie.
At least I know he is ok I was very worried about him.
I’m very scared and Helen has made me a comfy bed up in the kitchen,
I haven’t dared move from in front of the radiator yet and anyway it’s very warm here.
Helen says that I will come out of my shell soon as Dillion did and a good home will be found for me.
At the moment I am too scared to lift my head up.
The rope on my neck was very tight and since it has been cut off I feel much better.
I heard Helen on the phone to Mark and he suggested asking Debbie to bring Dillion back for a visit so that we can see each other again.
I am so relieved to hear he is safe.
Helen said it is typical of Mark to think how we may have been worried about each other and she will try to arrange it.
I’ve had a bath because I smelt so bad, I hadn’t noticed this but everyone else had.
I was very scared and Helen said that like Dillion I don’t have a nasty bone in my body and was no trouble.
I am going to stay with Jan across the road tomorrow until a home can be found for me and Helen said her and Louise are very good with dogs and will love me loads.
I’m not sure what love is I guess I’ll find out!