Ella & May

Updated March 22, 2011 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Ella and May have both now found homes !!

progress update on Ella: 22/3/11

We now have Ella with us. We all love her very much.
Slowly but surely is getting used to us.
On Saturday she hid in the corner pretty much all day and didn’t want anyone to touch her.
She did however eat her food and drink her water.
During Sunday she started to perk up a bit and didn’t look so sad.
She loves her new bed and the safety she feels from it.
Now on Tuesday she is so much happier. She has licked us all and will let us stroke her.
She will follow you around the house and goes in the garden without any problems.
She is wary of others that are not family but everyone who sees her falls in love with her immediately.

progress update: 9/3/11

Ella has been with us almost a week and has settled in well.
She is very timid and wary of people, not because she has been abused but because she hasn’t had much contact.
Ella doesn’t hide away but is curious and follows you from room to room and if you manage to catch her unawares she does let you pet her without shying away.
She enjoys going on walks and gets on well with other dogs we meet.
Ella also gets on with our cat and does play with her.
She is about 5 months old.

progress update: 8/3/11

May has now found a home !!

Ella and May ( May is the one at the back)
Ella is young about 7 months old she will not grow to be a large dog possibly Sheltie size.
She gets on famously with other dogs, cats and children and walks well on a lead.
She is nervous of people but not through abuse but because she has had little human handling.
She would do well in a home with another dog.

May is a Collie very good with dogs and gentle natured.
She is nervous of people but has only just arrived and I am sure in a few days will feel more confident.
Once she has settled we will put up a progress report on her.