Cookie (a.k.a Rose)

Updated March 22, 2011 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Rose has now found a home!!

progress update: 22/5/11

Hi Helen
I thought I would let you know that Cookie is really doing well now.
We have seen a huge improvement over the last two weeks, or at least they are huge to us!
She now comes into our front room without being brought in on the lead.
She gets on better with Barry but that is because he is there all the time with her. She still doesn’t know what to make of me but at least she doesn’t cower any more when she sees me!
She follows the cat around and always says hello to him (by rubbing noses) when he deigns to come in.
And when we go for a walk and she sees other people she is so much better, so much so that the people who have seen her from the beginning have remarked how well she is doing and how much happier she looks.
She plays with her toys when she doesn’t think we are looking but when we try to play with her she isn’t sure what we are doing!
She is now house trained and knows what going for a walk means!
I think we may be winning.
Take care
Jackie (Darke)

progress update: 2/4/11


Cookie (Rose) is settling really well now.
She is still nervous but slowly but surely she is getting used to us and not running to hide every time we go near her.
She now goes for walks down on the heath and enjoys sniffing around but doesn’t yet realise the real purpose of these walks as she comes back and goes in the garden!
We had to take her to the vets the other day as she was showing signs of nesting but the vet said that it was a phantom pregnancy so that’s now sorted out.

She is getting used to her new name so hopefully we might be able to work on her recall soon, we just don’t want to rush her!

Jackie and Barry

progress update: 22/3/11


Thank you so much for letting us have Rose.
She is still very scared at the moment and will only come out of her crate when she wants to use the newspaper but only if we are not in the same room.
She hasn’t let us know yet when she wants to go out and hates the lead but very early days.
We had a quiet night and our cat is getting used to her by just walking past her crate – I guess when Rose moves out of the crate and is more inquisitive we will have to watch them together.

I thought I would send a photo of her for your records and will send an update when she ventures out and is happier!

Thank you again