Updated May 19, 2008 Categories: dogs, progress updates, success stories, successfully rehomed.

“Here are some photos and an update of Flo, the blonde pup we adopted 3 weeks ago.

Flo is lovely and has settled in very well and is most definitely one of the family.

Although she was initially very timid and nervous of people she fell in love with our Goldie, Billy

and he has helped us to nurture Flo’s confidence so that she now loves a fuss
and settles each evening on the sofa with us or snuggles up to Billy.

She has started training classes, already does the sit, recalls most
of the time, and is getting to grips with leave and wait.

She absolutely loves her walks. She also loves to meet new doggie friends
and their human companions on walks.

She is a bundle of energy and we think she will love her holidays in the Lake District when she is older.

We love her very much and hope we can make her life fulfilling and fun.”

Best wishes

‘The Martins’
Helen, Andrew, Billy and Flo

Ps she is a real girlie and just loves shoes!!!!!