Tinka & Lottie

Updated May 19, 2008 Categories: dogs, progress updates, success stories, successfully rehomed.

Progress update 19th May

Yesterday Marie sent us this lovely photo of Lottie & Tinka at the beach !

Progress update 26th April

Just managed to get some more photos for you
The pups are coming on well – had the 2nd vaccination & love their walks.
Lottie learnt to open up not just internal doors but the front
door too! So that handle has been changed!
I have got them insured.
Attached are more photos for you.
Black one is Tinks – & just like her name!
Black & tan is Lottie.
The other dog in the photos is their
‘cousin’ approx same age!
12th April 2008
“The puppies are wonderful that we picked up yesterday.
Saw their first horse trotting up our road – what a big dog!
The black one we have named Tinka & the black & tan Lottie.
Our two older dogs are Tilly tri colour & Rosie black with a white patch.
We are delighted with them.
We will give you more of an update when we have a little more sleep!
The pictures attached were all taken yesterday
Thanks for everything