Taylor + Mollies’ kelpie puppies: Mika, Rheba,Tink, Fern, Flynn, Bea + Archer

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progress update on Flynn: 06/11/2019

progress update on Flynn: 3/11/2017

5 years ago we adopted this little guy from DAWG, and he’s given us nothing but love and laughs ever since!
And he’s the only Kelpie I know with floppy ears!

progress update on Flynn (a.k.a Hunter): 29/04/2017

Flynn (aka Hunter) playing flyball!
He’s been such a fantastic dog from the word go, even with all his quirks!
Thank you DAWG for rescuing this gorgeous boy and his litter mates

All the puppies have now found homes !!

progress update on Tink: 30/12/13


progress update on Mika: 6/2/13

Hi Helen
Thought you it time you had an update on Mika.
Sorry its taken a little longer, but we have both been ill.
Mika, what a little cracker, she has settled in very well, so pleased we got her.
Enjoys her walks, and cant wait for the time we can let her off, and although it took a few days (obviously) she and our other dog Tagg, have begun having great play times.
Her bestest friend is our 8yr old Grandson, when he’s here she follows him everywhere!
She sleeps in her crate, no problems there, and travels well in the car.
They (the dogs) go everywhere with us.
She’s booked in to be spayed on Thursday.
Will let you know how she goes.

Alison and Nick

progress update : 20/1/13

Mika is smaller than she looks in her photos, quite dainty in stature.
We think she will be better in a home with a dog that will play with her when out on walks.
She has a gentle nature and like most Kelpies is quick to learn, intelligent and very active.

progress update : 5/1/13

Tink and Fern have now found homes !!

Rheba, Hunter, Beau and Archer have all found homes!!

progress update on Mika: 11/12/12

Hi Helen just a quick update on the beautiful Mika who is growing up into such a lovely girl,
she continues to do very well living with our family,
she has the kindest nature with the children and is always very gentle around them,
always ready for a game of hide and seek or football with the boys,
she really would be a wonderful addition to any household,
we are all totally smitten with her but she really deserves a family of her own and we are becoming far too attatched to her.

progress update on Tink and Fern: 11/12/12

This is Tink, she is still very small (almost half the size of her sister) but don’t let her size fool you – Tiny Tink rules the roost!
She is a super happy confident little girl with lots of love and kisses to give!
Shame she looked away from the camera at the last minute!

Tiny Tink and her sister Fern are doing really well.
They are clean at night and sleep quietly in their crate.
They are also clean in the house, having taught themselves how to use the ‘dog-flap’.
They are good with the children and cats – as all they want to do is play.

Rheba, Hunter, Beau and Archer have now found homes!!

progress update on Tink and Fern: 27/11/12

Hi Helen,

Tiny Tink and her sister Fern are doing really well.
They are clean at night and sleep quietly in their crate.
They are also clean in the house, having taught themselves how to use the ‘dog-flap’.

They are good with the children and cats – as all they want to do is play.
These loveable little pups would suit an active household as they have lots of energy!

Will update again soon,


Rheba, Hunter, Beau and Archer have now found homes !!

[ Taylor and Mollie have each now been given their own pages on the website to make the updates easier to follow ]




progress update on puppies Rheba and Mika: 14/11/12

Hi Helen just a quick progress update on the girls seeing as they have come so far since my last one,
well we are completely house trained,
clean and dry in the house day and night and we are also out and about enjoying walks and meeting lots of other dogs and people,
both the girls really love their walks and are very keen for me to put their leads on,
they both travel brilliantly in the car, nice and quietly,
they have also become a big hit on the school run, and have lots of fans.
they really have come along way in the last week.

progress update on puppies Rheba and Mika: 10/11/12

The gorgeous Rheba and Mika after a busy day x

progress update on puppies Rheba and Mika: 6/11/12

Hi Helen just a quick update on the gorgeous little girls Rheba and Mika that are fostering with me at the moment,
both girls have settled very well into the busy household life without any problems,
they very much enjoy each others company but are also very keen for some fuss and cuddles
they have also discovered toys and keep us amused for ages with their funny antics.

Rheba is the more energetic and outgoing of the two whilst Mika is a little timid until she knows you,
both the girls are very good in the house they happily go into their crate and are quiet and clean all night,
although house training during the day is work in progress but we are getting there,
with each new day the girls become more confident and it lovely to watch them grow
we adore them.

The puppies are about 12 weeks old

The puppies are all skin and bone as is Taylor who always let Molly eat before he ate what was left behind.
They all get on with other dogs and cats.
The puppies will obviously get on with children too.
Kelpies are very much like Collies in the fact that they are active dogs.

Kelpie family finally on their way to you, they really are so gorgeous, mum is just so gorgeous I am so happy
for her that she wont be having any more puppies, she has been such a good mum she deserves her time now.
She is extremely friendly and I know somebody out there is going to love her to bits, she is as mentioned very
good with other dogs and cats I would think as well at least with the cats on the farm.
Taylor of course is a dote still on the skinny side though has improved greatly, the lady in the kennels feels the reason
he may be so thin is because he apparently waits until the mum has eaten first and then he eats whats left so I suppose
on the farm maybe the farmer didn’t notice that and the same probably applied to the puppies the pushy one no doubt
got the most of the food. In the kennels of course they made sure Taylor got his fair share.
everybody is going to love the puppies they are adorable, very friendly if somewhat shy to begin with some of them.
take care and all the best,

Hi Helen,
Pictures at last of the Kelpie family, the farmer himself took the pictures and apologies for them as he feels they are
not so good but I must say he did a better job than I could have, as you can imagine they never stop jumping around.
The picture of the dad was taken by myself but he was tied up at the time.
The mum is the dog with a hand under her face and her name is Molly,
the dad is called Taylor and the puppies do not have a name as yet.
They seem to have grown so much in 2 weeks and Oh by the way, they are actually 12 weeks old, he remembered at the
weekend that they were born end of June or beginning of July.
They were all vaccinated yesterday.
Taylor and Molly are about 4 years old, Molly is very friendly but
Taylor is a little nervous but I think he will come round. The last
time I saw the puppies which was last week they were so friendly,they
do have the run of the farm when the farmer comes home from work, he
has to work outside the farm as well.
We don’t know how many males or females there are the farmer forgot to
check but they are mixed.
As always Helen, thank you so very much and many thanks also to
everyone else involved.
all the very best,

Comment on October 31st, 2012.

Hi – If you are needing any help in finding homes or foster carers for the kelpies, please let me know – Also keep my details on record for any other kelpies. We’re only a small band of helpers but are often the first port of call for people looking for a rescue kelpie…

Comment on November 1st, 2012.

Thank you Nina.

Comment on December 2nd, 2012.

Hi Mark Mika is still looking for a home x

Comment on December 2nd, 2012.

yes I got confused with all the ones I didn’t have names for, think it is all corrected now! XD

Comment on December 2nd, 2012.

Thanks :0)