lab x collie puppies (inc Molly, Bramble & Daisy)

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progress update on Daisy: 1/1/13

Hi Helen, my mum , Sheila Taylor from Swanage, adopted a 4 and a half month old labrador-collie cross in May 2012.
She called her Daisy. Mum asked that I forward these pictures of her to you taken on 27th December 2012 to show you how gorgeous she is and to give you a little update which she thought may interest you. Daisy is just an adorable dog with a loving and gentle nature and fabulous company for my mum.
Everyone who meets Daisy loves her whether children or adults.
She requires alot of exercise and although mum is 73 she is still very active and enjoys long walks. Daisy has made alot of doggy friends in Swanage and is very friendly with them in all situations.
She loves to chase around and have fun with them.
She is doing very well with her obedience training and has made fabulous progess with walking well on her lead.
Mum takes her out and about in the car and Daisy is very happy ,having no problems with travelling any distance.
Her coat is as shiny as glass and she has grown beautiful feathers on her tail and hind legs..stunning. As you can tell we are all totally smitten with her !
I have attached 2 pictures of her for you to see.
We wish you a happy, peaceful New Year.
Jacqueline Patten on behalf of Sheila Taylor

All these pups have now found homes !!

progress update on Molly

Hi Helen,
just an update on Molly, she has settled in very well,  beautiful natured sweet pup.
She has fitted into our family life very well…..
Reef our other dawg dog is over the moon with his new friend!
A massive thank you for our dogs….you’re all stars!!!
take care claire and family xx

she’s settled in so well with us and Reef!

A huge Thank you to dawg. simply the best….:0) xx”

Hi Helen here are a few pics of Molly, shes settled very well, shes a very confident pup

progress update on Bramble

Hello everyone, my name is Bramble and i’m looking for my forever home.
I’m living with my foster family, who have 3 children aged 3yrs, 5yrs and 15yrs.
I think the 3yr old is great, he’s at the right hight for me to jump up, but I am soon told off because I keep catching his face.
My foster mum Kim says, that i’m new and I don’t know the rules yet.
I’m unsure off the car and do bark for a bit before I settle down.
Kim says, I am a good boy who is eager to please and eat. I did have a few accidents in the day but clean at night.
Maddie the resident dog is ok, but she keeps trying to take my chew (she’s a bit greedy with hers, you see.)
I don’t think she likes the fact that Wednesday night I did make a bit off a noise when left, (I didn’t do it all night!)
One off the boys made a noise about 4am and I thought it was time to get up and play, so Kim had to come down and let me out to go toilet. (But I didn’t want to go back to sleep) I am told that once I have found my paws with how things are run around here, that I willl settle down into a routine.
I haven’t anything else to tell you at the moment so I’m off in the garden to play.

Will update you again soon, lots of licks Bramble xx

These two boys have now found a home where they will be living together.
The lovely, gentle Kensie still needs a home.


progress update : 24/5/12

Due to the interest shown in saving these pups we were able to rescue them all and homes have already been lined up for most of them.

Here are some photos of pups which we hope to rescue as soon as we have space to take them


Emma Green
Comment on May 11th, 2012.

Oh these puppies are darling! I hope they are able to quickly find their forever homes! Good luck!