Ruby and Harry

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progress update on Harry: 15/9/17

Well, this is DAWGdog Harry (re-homed) enjoying his lovely new bed purchased from the dog show last week and Flash, his brother, has crashed in on the act too. Good job it’s a nice big bed

progress update on Harry: 1/1/13

DAWGdog Harry (Re-homed) spent Christmas with DAWGdog Ozzie (Re-homed) together with foster DAWGdog Taylor and Flash (Harrys best mate in the whole wide world).
They all had a lovely time!

Ruby and Harry have now found homes !!

progress update on Harry: 23/1/12

Hi Helen

Harry came to us a year ago this weekend and I thought now would be a good time to send an update.
He is everything we hoped for in a companion to our other dog Flash and they are inseperable.
Harry has the greatest personality and an insatiable love of socks, slippers and shoes which he carries around with him at every available opportunity, only occassionally taking a lump out of them now.
Out and about he is excellent, loves all people and dogs good with horses and cattle but still a bit too friendly with sheep!!! He is a far better retriever than our retreiver and loves to play.
Harry is a big part of our family and we wouldn’t be without him.
Thanks for letting him come to us.
Tina Dave and Ellie

PS it was lovely to see him with his big foster brother Ozzie last week!

progress update on Ruby: 15/6/11

Hi Helen

Thought it was time to give you an update on Ruby.
She is nearing the end of her first season – no accidents thank goodness.

She still loves her water and will even go off on a strange path in the woods if she knows there is water to be found.
Behaving impeccably well with visitors ( butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth).
Getting on with the cat, and has a great play mate in one of the neighbours cats.
They spend meal times together.
We have had a number of group walks and she loves it when other dogs join the walk, we do leave it to the collies to keep them all in line.
She really is a joy to have, and thank you so much for allowing me to adopt her.


progress update on Harry: 20/3/11

Hi Helen

Thought it was about time I gave you an update on Harry.
He has settled beautifully and it seems like he’s been with us forever.
Finally cracked toilet training and he has even stopped waking during the night!!!! Hurray!
He has put on weight and the vet is very pleased with him and Harry is very pleased with the vet as he said we can up his food.
Just been to puppy class and he really is a star, behaves very well and loves all the fuss.
He loves our other dog to bits and they are fantastic together, he gets on well with all the dogs we meet and has conquered his car phobia.
All in all a success.
with best wishes

progress update on Ruby: 17/2/11

Hi Helen

Just to let you know Ruby is slowly settling.
Diet is improving, car travel getting better, and walks are progressing.
Ruby still wants to play with everything and everyone, and does not know the word fear.
She loves muddy puddles, and also seems to prefer drinking water from anywhere but her bowl.
She is still toilet shy, so when we go for a walk sometimes we have to hurry home as she will not go anywhere outside of the garden.
Do not leave anything lying around as Ruby will soon test it for chewability.
Enjoys getting muddy and I think she has seen the advert on telly of the muddy dog jumping on the white sheets.
She can also challenge any man to a snoring competition.
Still wanting to play with the cat but the cat is not interested, although Ruby has a game of trying to steal the cat food, this has certainly improved the cat’s (20 years old) appetite as she has to eat her fill just in case.
First lesson on Sunday.
House work is slow as Ruby will insist on inspecting the cleanliness and comfiness of everything.
Have found 2 of her puppy teeth so far.

progress update on Harry: 30/1/11

Harry and Flash

Ruby and Harry