Update: Robbie has been found!!

Updated November 19, 2008 Categories: stolen / missing / lost.

progress update: 19th Nov


Hi Helen,

You have probably already heard the good news direct from Nigel, but
in case not, Robbie has been found!  What wonderful news. Many thanks
to you & Mark for putting Robbie on your site & for all your advice.



Dear All

Today he came home! After 4 days without sightings we received news of
a sighting at Rockford – so near to our home.  Several sightings and
lots of running later, a kind lady, Bev, managed to coax him with food
to get him on the lead with Nigel following close behind to take him
on the final leg of his journey – home. Seems he was making his way
back and Dee of Doglost was so right in her advice that they do
triangulate in a bid to find their way home. Just a pity we had that
wild goose chase up to Telegraph Hill over the weekend.

Anyway, Robbie seems fine except very thin and very tired (Christmas
dinner will be coming early for him and repeated several times!). We
attach a photo of him back home relaxing after his ordeal. He seems
quite comfortable picking up where he left off! It is so good to have
him back.

We cannot begin to thank you all enough for the help and support you
have given us over the last 2+ weeks. There have been so many of you
who have given tirelessly your time and energy to search for him on
many many occasions (and we know how soul destroying it was not to
even get a sighting on those many searches). Others have given words
of support, encouragement (when we were low) and advice (so very very
helpful). We are immensely grateful to each of you and are so touched
to find so many caring people out there. We are so grateful to Ian
(who was run ragged) for bringing lovely Bling the bloodhound, who got
it so right and Andy and Tracey who roamed far and wide putting up
posters and, of course, Ruth, Mike and Sue, Jenny, Sue and Debbie and
Diane. nd many many more.

We take our hats off to Lyn and Mark, who run the Friends of the
Strays of Greece charity ( www.straysofgreece.org )  and who have
helped us so much on every front. We know they would welcome new
members so please do sign up to this really worthy cause.

We will hopefully keep in touch with many of you one way or another.

Thank you all so very much.

Kind regards

Penny and Nigel (and Robbie)


Robbie is a rescue dog and is very timid

and nervous but also very gentle.

He has a black collar with silver ‘bone’

shapes on it as well as an identity disk.

If you see him please call

01425 472248


07789 748975

Distinctive white tip to his tail

update from Robbie’s owner 9th Nov

Dear All
Just a big and sincere thank you to all of you who helped in yesterday’s search. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the time and effort you put into this. Although we did not find Robbie yesterday, we did manage to find people who had seen him so at least he is alive but probably very hungry and frightened.
The sightings are as follows:
Thursday  – Hasley Wood Incosure (North of High Corner Inn)
Yesterday 1pm – High Corner Inn
Yesterday  2pm Holly Inclosure
Yesterday 2.30pm Stoney Cross, heading in direction of Stoney Cross Camp Site (no sign of him there at 5.30pm!)
Ian and his wonderful assistant Bling the Bloodhound were tremendous (as was his ever so patient wife and Bling Junior – Muriel) and picked up Robbie’s scent. They were on the run for over 4 hours! Bling proved to be very accurate with his tracking.
The ‘New Forest Dog’ site has also proved to be very helpful as the 2.30 sighting at Stoney Cross was as a result of one of their members having read their alert – so many thanks to them and particularly Jill who called Nigel.
Unfortunately we only heard of the Stoney Cross sighting at around 4.00 /p.m.sop.m. so by the time we have got back to our car and got up there it was 5.30 and dark. We did have a look around for some time but in the end gave up as there is only so much you can see with a fading torch!
A couple (Andy and Tracy) for whom we don’t have an email address yet have already been up to Stoney Cross this morning and there is no sign. We feel that the area around the High Corner is hopefully the area he will return to in search of food. We are going to pack our bags and head out there.
We will keep in touch as  time allows. Nigel will keep his mobile on (07789 748975).
Once again our sincere thanks to you all. It is so reassuring to know there are such caring people out there.