Sammy ( a.k.a Hattie )

Updated November 25, 2008 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 25th Nov

Sammy has now gone to her new home !!

progress update: 5th Nov

Sammy has gone to stay with Jane who has promptly renamed her Hattie Jacques !

I arrived from Ireland on Saturday and realised straight away that my food rations may not be what they once were.
Having lived in a pub I have enjoyed lots and lots of tidbits and unfortunately this shows in
my waistline.
Helen said it showed in hers once too when she ate far too many Cream Eclairs but if I do like her and eat smaller portions and drop the habit of eating everything in sight I too will lose weight.
She said I will feel a lot better for it as every inch of fat on the outside is an inch of fat on the inside pressing down on my internal organs.
I am not sure that I am looking forward to this and on Wed I am going to stay with Jane who is very sensible with dog’s diets and walks a lot.
I enjoy a walk or two if it is a gentle stroll but I don’t think this is what Helen and Jane have in mind. Oh dear !!
I used to belong to an American couple who bought a pub in Ireland and then sold it.
They went back home and phoned the new owners to say they didn’t want me anymore.
I was very hurt by this as I had been a loving and faithful companion.
I heard mutterings from the humans that this wasn’t the first dog that they had done this to.
The people at the rescue told me not to take it to heart that some people are very
shallow that I am better off without them and that as I am such a nice
character I will soon find a home with people who will appreciate my
kind and gentle nature.
Dooley and Rocco have been very kind to me and when I was a bit upset when I first arrived they let me share their beds.
I had to make sure Fen didn’t gobble up my food, I’m not good at protecting food as it has in the past come fast and in great plenty but Helen stood in front of my bowl and wouldn’t let him have it so I was able to relax and eat it at my own pace.
Fen has gone to stay with Jackie and Bob so my food is safe.
As you can tell I think a lot about food and if you have been on a diet you will be able to sympathise
with me.
I had better go now as Dooley is about to tell me his Echo story again and even though I have heard this at least a dozen times I must look interested and try not to fall asleep!

Sammy is a collie mix approx 2/ 3 years old

She is very friendly and currently very overweight.

She belonged to an American couple who returned to America and left her behind.

She gets on very well with other dogs and is very friendly.

She will need a strict diet and more exercise!