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progress update: 31/12/2016

Hi Helen,
​Hope things are all okay with you. ​
We have just sent through a donation – keep up the good work​!​
Olivia is 12 and half now, a little deaf but still the best dog ever!
Here are a couple of pics of her from this year.
Hope you have a peaceful and joyful Christmas,
Lots of Love
Paul, Yvonne & Olivia

progress update: 17/12/12

Hi Helen,
Congratulations on your award – well deserved!
As usual, here are a few pictures of Olivia.
We have sent you a donation via PayPal to help with your good work.
Have a lovely Christmas,
Best Wishes,
Yvonne, Paul & Olivia

progress update: 14th Dec 2008

Dear Helen,

Keep up the good work.

We like the new web site.
Olivia is fine and we love her to bits!

Kind Regards, Yvonne & Paul Smith (and Olivia too!)

p.s. Some pics here:-