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progress update: 24th Oct 09

Charlie is going to his new home today !!


2 year old Collie loves dogs and people,very biddable nature.


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progress update: Oct 09

Clive has now been rehomed !!!

progress update: 4th Aug 09

Clive working hard at the allotment !

Clive’s pure joy in life !

Clive begging for some ice cream!”

Clive and Helen having a lazy walk !



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progress update: 21st Sep 09

Rosie has now found a home !!!

progress update: 10th June 09

progress update: 28th May 09

Hi, it’s me again, Rosie,

I’m having a fabulous time at Della’s – she’s the author and taught me that word ‘fabulous’. I haven’t bothered jumping over the fence again – it’s much more comfy on the sofa – and actually there’s quite a bit of stuff going on here at the moment. We’ve got extra dogs staying – and some children. I love other dogs and kids aren’t bad either because they chuck food at me, and I do love my food.

But it’s the walks that are my favourite. This week we’ve been running every day – that’s me, Della, her son, Adam, and the other dogs. Today there were four of us dogs and it was brill. I love to run with them. I’m good off the lead Della says, I don’t go too far and I come back when I’m scared of something, I mean when Della is scared of something and needs me to protect her – er hem!

I am getting the hang of this tail wagging business now too, Della calls me Miss Waggy. Or sometimes she calls me Frog Dog because I bounce up and down like a frog when I’m excited. Oh and did I mention that I can smile too – when I’m happy, which is quite a lot.

I’m signing off now – time for a snooze. All that running wears you out.

But I will be back with an update soon.

love Rosie Lee xxx

progress update: 25th May 09

I have been told it is about time that I stopped lounging about on the sofa, scoffing my face twice a day and wrote my diary so here it is:-

I ‘ve been with the rescue for over two months having been unceremoniously dumped in a pound to face a certain death.Luckily for me I was rescued at the the eleventh hour. I was quite a spooky dog and at the first sign of commotion would try to jump the fence but nowadays I am far more settled. I don’t like to boast but I am now fostering with an Author and her husband Tony, Della has said that she will help me with my diaries in the future and I can use her computer to write them. Helen said to me that she expects to see an improvement in my grammer over the next few weeks.

Anyway I am now sharing my sofa or should I say Della’s sofa with her two dogs and we get on just dandy. I now go for walks off the lead and love having the freedom to run with the other dogs, not bad for a dog that took nearly two months to allow a lead to be put on. I love cats but only to chase and they never fail to run, silly things if they just stood still us dogs wouldn’t know what to do! I have heard myself described as a Lurcher mix and I was born roughly a year or so ago, my birth certificate was lost so this is just a guess.

I love people and now that I have learnt that I am not to be beaten at every opportunity I am now longer afraid of them.It is very comfortable at Della and Tony’s but I would like a home of my own and I like the company of other dogs so a home with a another K9 friend would suit me best.

I can hear my dinner being served and I wouldn’t want anyone to eat it so I am off to tuck my napkin in and take my place at the table. I will sit down and write another update next week.

progress update from Della :  30th Apr 09

Apart from a couple of escape attempts (she can get over a six foot fence) she has settled in very well.

She loves my dogs – she often curls up with the older one Lindy in her basket, which is a squash to say the least. She is getting more and more confident. She has started to smile – you know that lifting their lip thing that dogs do – when she’s excited. And she also wags her tail a lot now. She didn’t do that at all the first few days.

She is still pretty timid with strangers, especially men, but she is getting better and better with us. She has also now found my office at the top of the house – she is lying under my desk now very settled.

She’s a quiet girl, still good on the lead, and loves her walks. She’s just starting to play as well with my more dominant dog, which is lovely to see. I think she’ll make someone a fabulous pet – she’s the type that would be very loyal and loving. She likes to be with someone, so not a dog you’d want to leave a lot. She howls like a hound if I leave her on her own.

Rosie is a real sweety and has make a lot of progress in a fortnight.

I’ve attached a couple of pictures too.

progress update from Sheryl: 17th Apr 09

We started out on a quiet walk through the area and Rosie was quite nervous.
She was looking for doorways and cars she could possibly get into.
After stopping and starting for 5 mins or so, Rosie finally got
into the walk and was happily tracking the ground and looking around
at passers by and new surroundings.
We walked to the Rec… I think she enjoyed this and was more than happy to meet other dogs but shyed
away from people.
We walked back through a busy main road as her confidence had grown and she wasn’t bothered by loud traffic.
Before we even had chance to notice, a young boy had raced up behind us on his
bike and passed really quickly-making us both jump!
I thought Rosie was really going to freak!! She held her composure bless her, and
didnt really bat an eyelid! What a surprise!
The following day I collected Rosie and we took the same route, as I
want to familiarise her with her surroundings to become more
She was in a hurry to get to the front door! Much better
than I remember on our first walk a month ago- She was very very
Walking through the Rec we met up with quite a few dogs and people.
There were 2 kids football matches on so it was loud and busy but she
wasnt too bothered-Just nosey!
Rosie is actually quite interested in people as she has to sniff them as they pass us.
This is good progress and her confidence is building each time we walk.
We met a lady and her dog-A small terrier.
Rosie greeted the dog-who was also called Rosie!
The owner and I talked for about 5 minutes about our Rosie’s!
At this point she was happily sniffing the ladie’s legs and was offered a treat.
Rosie had a good sniff at the treat but didnt take it.
She actually looked quite comfortable in the company of a stranger, and allowed the lady to stroke her. Walking back through the busy main road, she was started to show a little nervousness again by
searching for shop doorways she could possibly get into, so we headed home.
Rosie was excited to be back-she even jumped up at the door with
excitement! After devouring her food she then settled into her bed.
I think Rosie is still a little nervous of me. She sees me as her
security when we are out together, but as soon as we get back home, I
seem to be a stranger to her again.
With more walks together to gain her trust I am sure this will help build her confidence in me and
people in general.

progress update from Sheryl: 7th Apr 09

Rosie is like a different dog when I walked her tonight!
She was happy to have her lead put on and didnt struggle going to the door at
all-She was happy to follow me out.
Last time I walked with Rosie (for her first outdoor experience since coming to the rescue) she was a bag
of nerves- What a diference!
I thought I’d walk her somewhere away from the hustle and bustle and started off on a quiet road around the local area.
Rosie was a little nervous about it and cowered at the sound of cars and the sight of
people, but this lasted a very short time.
Soon she was walking well with me and sniffing the air..sussing this place out!
She was still quite wary of people walking behind us and stopped to check them out.
She was very brave though and her curiosity got the better of
her…she had to give them a sniff, or at least get a closer look.
As Rosie was doing so well, I decided to walk her on one of the busy
main roads so she could start getting used to lots of noise.
She was better than I thought she would be- Not much phased her, as long as we
just kept on walking.
If Rosie got spooked, she would walk right into my legs and then freak out a little about that but we soon got that under control!
She must have realised I mean her no harm.
We stopped next to a bus which was just pulling into the bus stop-this was so
loud it made us both jump!
At that moment a crowd of people got off the bus and walked directly around us-
I thought Rosie would get in a panic,
but she proved me wrong and just sniffed as many people as she
could from a distance-
This is great to see as she has been so frightened of people.
There is light at the end of the tunnel for Rosie.
On the lead she walked very nicely. She didnt pull at all. Not once!
Maybe once she gets a bit more confident she may try her luck!
She was pleased to see other dogs along the way and approached a pack of 3
smaller dogs to say hello.
Back home at the Rescue Rosie was met by Clive-Her new friend.
He licked her face all over! It was very cute!
She was just as pleased to see him!

progress update from Sheryl: 1st Apr 09
Today I gave Rosie her first walk in the big wide world since arriving
at the rescue.
She was happy to meet me and came into the room of her
own accord although she was obviously very cautious.
She took a treat from my hand as I knelt down to her.
I didnt give her any eye contact so she wouldnt be frightened off. Helen put the lead on her and we went to the hall way-
That was as far as she wanted to go!
I had a job to get Rosie outside as she was very afraid,
but we eventually got out the door.
Rosie was terrified- She just wanted to run away or get inside to a
safe place,
so she was all over the place and darted towards the front doors of houses on the street- I guess she wanted to get in.
I didnt say anything to her and just kept walking and trying to redirect her as I knew its for her own good and wellbeing to get over her fear.
She followed nervously looking around at absolutely everything.
I decided to take her on a very short walk of the area so I could stick to the quiet streets.
It must have been so loud to Rosie because she was really spooked by the slightest noise.
We walked for about 10 minutes or so.
I made a point of giving people, other dogs and moving vehicles
a wide berth on this occasion as there was so much for her to take in.
I’m sure she will get used to this soon.
Walking back to the rescue wasn’t so hard for her-
She must have picked up the scent and was very eager to get back. Once back at the rescue front door, Rosie was desperate to get in and waited in anticipation for it to be opened so she could snuggle back up in her bed.
I hope that after a couple more experiences outside the Rescue, Rosie will be more than happy to get out and about.
Hopefully we could use Josie, her sister to show her the way by possibly walking them together.
Rosie shows a lot of trust in Helen, as she was settled down after the walk-
I was surprised at how much she allowed Helen to do in the room with her,
and having contact with her without Rosie freaking out!
Just shows to me she is capable of accepting that human company doesnt have to always mean violence.

progress update : 23rd Feb

Today Josie and Rosie were visited by a photographer from the Echo.

They will be featured on Saturday to try and find them a home where they can stay together!

Rosie arrived with Josie she came from the same home previously to ending up in a pound.
We are fairly certain that they are sisters.
She like Josie has been beaten, unlike Josie who is a bit more confident she is still very frightened of people.
Just changing their blankets frightens her.
She will come out of her shell and she will be given plenty of time to do this at the Rescue.
She depends on Josie for security and would love to find a home where they could be together.
She is a gentle dog and with encouragement and time to settle will learn that life is not a constant round of beatings.
She like Josie is sociable with all dogs.

Rosie is about a year old and a cross breed,

she was in the same pound as Josie and also due to be destroyed.

She is a gentle dog but we think
that she has not been treated too kindly in the past.

She gets on well
with other dogs and in time she will gain confidence.

Dan the Rottie

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We are pleased to report that Dan has now been saved !

Meet Gorgeous Dan ,

He is approx 2 yrs old and VERY friendly, all be it VERY strong.

He is not too bad with other dogs, but is better with females than
males. He can get a little excited

This boy has had NO training but loves to be with an is very attentive
and it would take much to get this gorgeous lad all trained up.

The pound is getting full and he needs out ASAP

This boy still has his tail

If you may be able to save Dan,

please contact


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18th May 09

We are pleased to report that thanks to your help Pauline has now found a home !!

15th May 09

Lt Red/White Staffie X Female 6-8yrs
Available fm 10.5.09
No chip found Good bodily condition –but overweight!!
Good with people a little scared of other dogs but seems OK with cats.
Does Sit and gives paw Loves balls, tuggee’s and squeekies.
Despite being overweight, she can be a fussy eater!! Loves her bed though !!
Very quiet middle aged lady but comes out of herself for her toys and a game !!! – can be a bit possessive over toys but nothing unduly to worry about.
Would probably suit a person on their own or a quiet household
Just look at her face, can anyone help this gorgeous older girl, if you can please contact


progress update: 18th May 09

Thanks to your help we are very pleased to announce that Tara has been saved and she now has a home !!

May 15th 09

Can anyone help gorgeous Tara ?

She is about 18 months old, and was collected as a stray,
the owners called but said they don’t want her back :(
She loves other dogs, but can be quite lively with them.
she is well mannered and VERY friendly
We don’t think she has been spayed.
She has been vaccinated against PARVO
Her time is up in the pound and she needs out by Wednesday 19th May !!! or she will be PTS
Please contact me if you can help
email –

DogWatchUK Team

‘Helping dogs and owners …’


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progress update: 28th Jan 09

progress update: 7th Jun 09

“Molly has been with us for eight years now.

Do you remember how she
was only about 12 kilos when she arrived?

Well we struggled for ages
to keep the weight on her until we got her a playmate called Lady
Bella (Belle) from Happy Dogs.

Now because Belle eats anything Molly
has decided she can eat anything and has no problems staying the right weight.

Our vet thinks that Molly is probably nearer 14 years old than
the ten years that you would have recorded for her.

Molly still barks & stresses a lot but not as much as when she first arrived,

we don’t think she will ever totally stop but we love her anyway.

Molly doesagility at home now when the weather is good,

she has a touch of arthritis now so she doesn’t go to agility classes any more.

Molly is terrified of anything that moves under her feet,

shortly after shefirst arrived we took her to the beach and she hated the feel of the
sand moving under her feet at the waters edge,

she wont go in thewater unless we throw a toy in & even then she wont swim.

She was in the Bournemouth Echo once with a jack russel called “Lilly or Milly”
not sure which we have the article some where when we did a Charity
dog walk for the Stray Dog Sanctuary.

Molly loves to play ball as
always and she got two new Company of Animals Puzzle games from Santa
last Christmas, but she does have to share them with Belle.

Molly says Christmas is lovely but a bit strange when a tree takes root in our lounge.

People are always commenting to me (Beth) on her lovely shiny coat
when I take her out and I tell them that it is because she is on Burns
dog food.

At our shop (Pets Direct) when people want a new dog we
always recommend that they call you & the other local animal
charities rather than a breeder or shops that sell pets.

I will watch your web site for any fund raising events you have going
on and try to get to some with Molly.”


Beth Burton


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progress update from Diane and John: 16th Nov


progress update: 16th Nov

progress update: 20th April

Lady’s Story (As told by Lady)

“My story really starts around September last year when I noticed my owners were looking at me in a different way and having whispered conversations about me. I was pregnant at the time and it was starting to worry me, however I had my pups in October but the whispering went on until in November they took all my pups except one away. Soon after that they took me and my pup to the vet and left me there. The vet took my pup away and I was left on my own feeling confused and very puzzled.

A few days later a lady came and took me away from the vet and then took me to on a long journey which took a couple of days, on arrival I was given to another lady called Helen who took me to a vet and then to a house where I met two people who I was told would look after me until they could find new owners for me.

This is a photograph of me on my first day in my new house

These new people already had a yellow Labrador called Bracken who seemed quite happy to have me in his house. I was given my own bed and Bracken and me were taken for long walks in the woods and on the heath which I really enjoyed but Bracken was a lot older than me and could not keep up so I ran around on my own. Occasionally we met other dogs and some of them liked to play chase with me and I really enjoyed that.

Christmas and New Year came and went and then in January the people who were looking after me told me that Bracken was very ill and would not live much longer so they had decided to adopt me and become my new owners. Just after this my new owners took me to the vet for an operation which meant I would not be able to have any more pups, it took me a few days to recover but everything seems fine now. Since the operation life has settled into a pattern of two to four walks a day which I enjoy very much but in April I had a new adventure. My owners put a large box behind the car and we went to a place called Wales where I am told there are some good golf courses. During my stay in Wales I met a friend of my owners and we went for some very long walks. We were away for a week and I found it very enjoyable and I am told that we will soon be going to Dartmoor for a week which I am looking forward to.

This is a photograph of me, Bracken and one of my owner’s friends on a walk in Wales.

This is a photograph of my owners’ car and the box that goes behind it which they live in. I am not allowed inside and Bracken and I live in a thing called an awning which fits on the side.

It is now nearly the end of April and I have just passed my third Birthday, unfortunately Bracken is getting worse and I am very worried about him but he seems happy to stay in his bed. My owners now have to walk Bracken and me separately but I get a longer walk which I enjoy.

Looking back I owe a big thank you to the lady who brought me to Helen and especially Helen for finding me a new home, for the future I hope all animals will find good homes where they are treated with kindness.”



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progress update: 23rd Oct

Dear Helen

Morgan is nearly two years old now and has grown into a very beautiful dog, He is almost impeccably well behaved! With just the occasional lapses. When he first arrived he wouldn’t let us touch him – he snarled and went for us – especially me. He wouldn’t eat his food out of a bowl, but if I threw it out onto the lawn, he would gobble it .

He is a joy to take out for his walks, is ball mad and ignores all other distractions, other dogs and people most of the time. He does stop to say ‘hello’ but then gets back to the important business of chasing after his ball. He is eating well, has two walks every day – in Windsor Great Park where he is free to run and play and chase after his ball. There are lots of other dogs to socialise with too. Now, he is a loving and gentle dog, will come for a cuddle and apart from having the top of his head touched, which I understand is fairly general with a lot of dogs, he is happy to be handled.

Brian and I recently went to North Somerset and stayed in a delightful part of the country, very dog friendly. The attached photographs show Morgan having fun on the beach – then having a shampoo!

Our cat Dangermouse has finally become resigned that this noisy beast has come to stay! He often goes across the road for some peace and quiet but when he thinks no one is looking, they play together, and can sometimes be found sleeping together on Brian’s bed. After having had three Border Collies we thought we knew the breed. Morgan has shown us a new side – neither of our ‘girls’ played ball – Morgan is ball mad. We took him to flyball classes for a while, and he loved it, but he wouldn’t go and get the ball from a stranger – so we had to abandon that.

I hope all goes well with you and DAWGS and that you are going from strength to strength.
With very best wishes

Alysia, Brian and Morgan Hunt`

progress update: 30th March

“The change in Morgan over the last year has been dramatic. When we got him he would not let us handle him, he did not like to be touched or petted, he snarled and bit – but gradually, with lots of handling and cuddles he has transformed into such a beautiful happy dog.
One other quirky habit he had, was that he would not eat his dinner out of a bowl. He barked and squeaked, and sat there guarding it tenaciously, but would not eat it. If I finally threw it out down the garden ‘for Mr Fox’ – he would happily rush out and gobble it all up. He is quite the star of Windsor Great Park and everyone knows Morgan- so many people have come up to Brian, who gets taken for a two hour walk every morning, to say what a beautiful dog he is.
With very best wishes to you and many grateful thanks from all the dogs you have re-homed and saved – and from a pair of old fogies whose lives have been transformed by the coming of the lovely Morgan.
Love and best wishes
Alysia, Brian and Morgan.”

“Here’s the latest on Morgan, the Irish Diddycoy we got from you a while ago. He is in to garden designing, thinks he is Dairmuid Gavin, he rearranges the flower pots and sticks and plants and makes a messy camp on the lawn – what a mess! If I did it, there would have been a divorce many years ago, but he gets away with it ….

As you can see he has grown into a beautiful fellow.

Our Burmese cat Dangermouse was very upset when we brought home a Hearing Dog last summer and we did have grave doubts about bringing home Morgan. But there has not been a problem. We have always had Border Collies and DM got on very well with them, and this time when he saw the puppy, he decided he could train it, like he has trained us, and now they get on very well. The cat comes in and invites Morgan to play. This means I hide and when you find me, I can swipe your nose if it gets too close! It took some months before DM came back to being a family cat, he used to sit on a high shelf looking miserable, out of reach of the leaping, barking, full of energy beast we called our puppy. These days, Morgan has quietened down a bit, and DM has got used to him, knows that he won’t be attacked, only thwarted in the usual Border Collie way from going where he wants to go, but he is used to that and has his own way of dealing with it. He runs in one direction and when Morgan goes after him to head him back, he changes tack and heads off in another direction and usually gets away. Then he comes back for more.
He is such a mischief and full of life and love. He has just completed his 10 weeks of training, and as was once said by a teacher “ He is cheerfully indifferent to discipline”. He will sit – because he thinks it means a titbit, but he won’t ‘stay’ – no way. He has recently been castrated.
Brian had a heart attack and bypass late last year, and having Morgan to focus on and take for exercise has made the world of difference to him. Morgan has been the best thing since sliced bread as far as Brian is concerned! He takes him to training classes, (I’m not allowed to go) and also takes him for a long walk in the Great Park every morning. At first Morgan wouldn’t get into the car. He was fine one inside, but it has taken a long time to gain his confidence and get him to go voluntarily into the car. He would rush to his bed and lie on his back as if to say ‘ Oh, please NO, don’t make me go…’ Now, when he sees Brian putting on his jacket he is all bounce and ready for the off.

So that’s the story of Morgan Hunt, growing up nicely and doing very well.”